🔎 First Look: New map "Silverrun Forest" (Platinum)


On November 15th, the Platinum Expansion and Platinum Edition add Silverrun Forest to the selection of environments for your farm in Farming Simulator 22. Take a look at the new map!

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  1. Félicitations à vous très gros projet et travail à été réalisé, mais est-ce qu’à l’avenir l’irrigation pour les pomme de terre et autre pourrez voir le jours sur cette opus ou un autre ?

  2. can you add a crop duster i think it would fit well and be very fun to use but first you would have to buy an airfield for like 400k

  3. I love the idea of interacting with the map like building the boat. Makes you feel you're actually apart of the world and your work makes a visual impact on it. I'd love more features like this


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