🔴 LIVE – Finishing the Harvest! – Flint Hills – Episode 19 – Farming Simulator 19


🔴 We are LIVE on Flint Hills. We’re getting to the end of harvest now and have made some equipment changes since the last episode. We’re now on the new version of the map, playing on 3 day seasons. and before anyone asks, NO it’s not available on console 😉

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PC Specs
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8 Core
Nvidia RTX 2080 Super 8GB
Tomahawk MAX B450 Motherboard
Corsair Vengance 32GB RAM

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Music by @ikson

🇺🇸 The BEST Big US Map yet? – Flint Hills – Iowa – Farming Simulator 19
BIG Corn Harvest in Iowa – Flint Hills US Map – Farming Simulator 19

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  1. Hello FarmSim Guy

    where can i get that Sim Dasebord that is on your stream???plz let me know? your stream are super legit thanx FarmSim Guy

  2. Morning! Great stream and sorry I couldn't join last night but I watched a fair bit this morning (at 2x speed 😆!!!). Thanks very much for the shout out in the stream. Very much appreciated and thanks also to those that may have subbed on my channel as a result. Very kind – thank you! Keep up the great videos. Cheers 👍

  3. Thanks for the shout out in stream sorry I missed it live! Loving the new live stream format, glad my wife isn't the only one providing "constructive feedback" to all of my content. 🙂


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