10 FEATURES YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT – Farming Simulator 22


This list has 10 in game features for all platforms that you may have not realized were in the game.

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  1. I cant wait to play it. Im get the game today. Late buy it due moving. Now we are living on a farm full time. They cut down trees all time here. Sounds just like it dose on the game now.

  2. The mulching bushes only works on the land I own and a bit on land I don't own. Somehow I created a field just outside of what I'm supposed to and now I have an ugly brown patch in the grass that I can't fix. I also used to mulcher to get rid of some wood on a road and now there is weeds growing out of the road so be careful when using it

  3. One thing about the reverse speedometer that I found out- if you are going backwards and go to change your cruise control speed, you can actually set how fast you want to reverse, if 14mph is too fast for you, you can make it 9.

    Found this out on accident!

  4. I play on the PC and I can only enter 3 letters for renaming a building. I've tried it with greenhouses and the Cow shed I have (The 250K version)

    Don't know why I am limited to that, when your video is the second I see where the naming of building allow for plenty more letters.


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