15+ BRILLIANT NEW MODS (Review) Farming Simulator 19 PS4 FS19 12th Nov 2020.


15+ BRILLIANT NEW MODS (Review) Farming Simulator 19 PS4 FS19 12th Nov 2020. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Lizard T-270 By: Voksel/Puszkap, New Holland T6110 / 130 By: Agro Tonho, New Holland TL 75 Brazil By: Farm Centro Sul, Silage Bucket By: Beunheas, ArtMechanic Pop6x By: Vanquish081 (VSR Modding Sur), Ermo Mistral 300
By: SMI Modding Team/VertexDezign, Lizard Aus 2.5m By: Pan Bartosz/Hajstel, Kaweco Swan Neck Tandem By: STv-Modding, Semi Trailer Dolly By: Farl Farms, Stake By: OviiixC/Sphinx, D-375 By: Karl911, Lizard EP End Dump Pack By: Karl Farms, Milk Tank By: Tailan/Agro Mods, Cows Barn By: MefiuFs & COTTON PACK BRAZIL By: CONNECT MODDING.



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  1. It seems to have been overlooked, So I will just state that changing the Semi Trailer Dolly's tow bar setup also changes the hitch type.

  2. Having loads of issues with the cotton compactor completely lost the ability to unload the bales. Had to flip the thing over with a wheel loader to get the bale out. Nightmare.

  3. Wow the mods that came out today! How much space do I need? Too much space. Going to have to do a mod purge to fit all the awesome stuff! thank you thank you thank you for the review!

  4. That Cotton harvester looks amazing! I'm blown away at the amount of detail in the augers! I might have to consider getting that whole package just for the harvester!

  5. Awesome cotton pack!! I am loving it, I spent many hours on those machines. Oh and IRL you can't unload on the go unless you want to rain cotton all over the place, if the basket is up it just blows cotton onto the front of the cage not in it.

  6. I have been waiting for this cotton system, it’s what they use mostly here in AZ, although I’m starting to see some of the JD rounds lately. Maybe cotton harvests will be profitable (well, without a bunch of guesswork) now, I’m assuming you can sell loose without making a module but I’ll have to test.

  7. I love that John Deere cotton picker that looks so awesome that's actually a start a really great start whoever made that mod really did amazing whoever did that trailer did amazing at that as well that is awesome

  8. The stakes, could you hold "snap to grid" when placing them, and maybe make the outline to plough a fresh field to a squared shape rather than have wobbly edges

    Also, i wonder if you can sell the cotton loose? 🤔

  9. I remember when I was a kid I used to sit out by the field during harvest season watching the farmers make the bales. Those bales in real life are huge. My grandfather was friends with the farmer, gus was his name. So I'd get a close up of the equipment. Luckiest kid in the world man I tell ya

  10. Love the older style tanker but 8750 litres (or whatever it was) is not 8750m3… 1m3 is 1000 litres… an awesome review. Love the Xerion with the Kaweco tanker.. proper setup!


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