25 Must Have!! Realistic Mods For Farming Simulator 19 (PC)


In this video, I show 25 of the best and must have mods to enhance realism in farming simulator.
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Mods in this video in order 🔽🔽🔽🔽

1- Increased Fuel Consumption
2 – Def Pack
3 – Slower Refueling
4 – Enhanced Vehicle
5 – Less Engine Brakeforce –
6 – Guidance Steering
7 – GlobalCompany Addon – DisableTurnOffMotor
8 – Real Dirt Color/Real Dirt Fix
9 – Vehicle Maintenance
10 – Vehicle Info
11 – IndoorCamFirst –
12 – Realistic Cab View
13 – Manual Attach –
14 – Save Player Position
15 – GlobalCompany Addon – Realistic Milking Time
16 – Real Mud
17 – Real Mower
18 – Real Seeds Usage
19 – Realistic Seeder
20 – Variable Spray Usage
21 – Sleep Anytime –
22 – Manure System
23 – Precision Farming
24 – MaizePlus
25 – Seasons –

The Farm sim Guy’s YouTube channel for Sim Dash and Guidance steering tutorials 🔽🔽🔽🔽

0:00 Intro
0:52 Increased Fuel Consumption
02:23 Def Pack
04:06 Slower Refueling
05:46 Enhanced Vehicle
07:58 Less Engine Brakeforce
09:25 Guidance Steering
14:31 GlobalCompany Addon – DisableTurnOffMotor
15:44 Real Dirt Color/Real Dirt Fix
17:38 Vehicle Maintenance
20:17 Vehicle Info
21:23 IndoorCamFirst
22:17 Realistic Cab View
23:15 Manual Attach
24:38 Save Player Position
25:35 GlobalCompany Addon – Realistic Milking Time
27:10 Real Mud
28:34 Real Mower
30:53 Real Seeds Usage & Realistic Seeder
33:40 Variable Spray Usage
35:15 Sleep Anytime
36:23 Manure System
38:18 Precision Farming
40:49 MaizePlus
44:25 Seasons & Thanks for watching!!



  1. Do you know the mod were you can open the doors and put on the beacons inside the cabin if you have like a ipad inside the car then you can press on a X to put it on

  2. only just moved over to pc from playing it on console since the original farming sim on consoles, and oml i have been missing out, thanks for this vid my dude, really helpful installed every single one ahahaha

  3. Great job! I want to say… not all realistics mods are good for the game – realistic seedd usage make game sucks, you will have one pallet of seeds 20000000 years in game…. so

  4. Ad Blue does not make the engine more efficient. It is only added to the exhaust gas to reduce NOx Emissions.

    The value with enhanced vehicles is damage of the tractor and other tools you add to it are also shown. Also red means the diff is locked. green means it is not locked and works as a normal diff does. If you are driving through mud you want it rather locked ( = red)

  5. Just a note for Enhanced Vehicle mod the default which is yellow on the transfer case and green on the diffs is standard 4wd mode so power is sent to both diffs but they are open when you engage the diffs they turn red thats when they are locked you had it the opposite so simply green = open, red = locked and idk if there is much point turning 4wd on/off

  6. You have to add so many fucken gameplay mods because the vanilla game is NOT a simulator. It’s a fucken casual arcade farming game because of consoles. The majority of my mods are all gameplay mods.

  7. Glad you shared these mods. Some I knew about but some I didn't. Enjoyed the video Argsy! What map is this? Nice map that is for sure.

  8. Basically, if you play Farming "SIMULATOR" without mods, you are not simulating anything and playing Farming No Simulation. Great video and thanks for presenting some great mods !!

  9. i had like 1/2 of the mods from the list but the half i didnt have were such a game changers. great vid and underrated channel keep up!

  10. I have quick question if you'd give some of your time, I have only seen a german version of enhanced vehicle mod, is there a translated version somewhere or is it possible to change the language to english currently?

  11. Great video and as a result…..new subscriber. Defo a few on here I'd missed, so cheers!!! 👍
    Out of interest, what season length and game speed do u play on?

  12. An excellent and comprehensive list of must-have realistic mods! Well done! I already had most but thanks to you I added a few more which enhance the realism of FS even further!

  13. While I like the DEF mod – I have found that some mod tractors are not coded correctly, so it doesn't work for them… kind of breaks the realism which I was trying to create. Obviously old tractors and modern small engine tractors don't use DEF.

  14. Thanks mate! Glad to see you did this! matched more than i expected! but still found a new one or two! I think this will be real helpful newer players looking into these type of mods! i know i would have loved to have this video when i started getting into mods.

  15. The most important mod that was skipped here is VehicleControlAddon by Mogli12. For myself, I can't play the game if my tractor doesn't have its real-life transmission simulated!

  16. Excellent video. FS19 is much more than a game with these mods. I prepared the mods, equipment and made my plan during the week and started to simulate at Hof Bergmann farm this weekend. Most of the realistic mods are on, but some cosmetic ones (like real mud, real dirt etc) were missing. I prepared my fields, seeds, fertilizers, cheese and bread making facilities and will continiue next weekend with some of your recommends. Thanks a lot.


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