Buying abandoned lawn business full of mowers | Farming Simulator 22


We buy an abandoned lawn business to start our own lawn mowing company! The abandoned barn has tons of mowers, tractors and trucks. We cross a flooded river to get to them.
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  1. Hey i love your vibs they are so cool i wish you mow my lawn i wake to see yall mowing my grass i will cry if that happens so and yall are the best youtubers ever and want to meet yall in person? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Omg your the best Youtuber in the world 😊😊😊 you and Hudson are legends i love your videos there amazing.

  3. Hey guys I I like you for mean and like your stuff and the the truck that you have in the video emoji right now I am really into you your find me simulator and by the way I’m actually a kid and I know that sounds weird but the coolest thing is you have a actual form in real life in I like can’t you do Hudson your son is really really cool and he has his own little league on John Deere tractor the kids

  4. Hey Hudson sorry to bother you so late this afternoon but I’m going back to the house now and will let you know if you have time for
    me and my friend were talking to my dad and


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