Car Mechanic Plays Car Mechanic Simulator


We brought in automotive technician Malachite Perry to play and review Car Mechanic Simulator 2021.


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  1. Aside from basic car maintenance, this guy knows nothing about cars. He's delusional. And I think its hilarious that its all women who are eating it up just because its coming from a gay man. If his mother really wanted to help him she would have provided a father figure for him to learn from instead of being a selfish self-serving C***!

  2. i was putting the lug bolts on in a star pattern for the first few cars too before i realized it has no effect in game

  3. I just discovered this game today. I have been a dealership technician for twenty years. I’m starting to think this must be an extremely popular game for my customers. They all act like this is how easy it is to work on cars. 😂😂

  4. I’m currently going to school to be a mechanic and the instructor recommended this game to me just to get a reference on where and how things work outside of school. It really does help and I’m passing test easily. Physically though it’s not accurate 😂

  5. Fellow technician over here! Love this game and love this video. The game is definitely more geared towards non technicians because of its simple and easy game play but then how many people would play it, if it was like irl 😂. I work at a BMW dealership in Sweden and I'm used to over done solutions and rust so it's quite nice to just sit down and relax in your own virtual workshop with all of your projects and customer cars.
    Would I change anything? Yes I would like a more realistic game play, would it ruin the experience? YES!
    I wish you fellow technicians a great lige because without us the world would literally grind to a halt 😂


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