Did Giants Just Leak a Big New Feature in Farming Simulator 22?


I am extremely excited to find out more about how Electricity and Gas will be used in Farming Simulator 22.

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Did Giants Just Leak a Big New Feature in Farming Simulator 22?

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  1. I expect that the "chopped sugar beet" is actualy the pulp which remains after the sugar is extracted from the beet. irl this is also often used for biogas.

  2. well it would be pretty stupid if there wasnt gas out of a biogas plant, the gas in plants power generators to make electricity in a shortcut way

  3. As an electical engineer I had a laugh and I was a little annoyed at 3:40. As the plant actually say's 1 mili Watt instead of 1 Mega Watt. :p

  4. I think also something interesting might be that the forklift is not with a combustion engine but with electrical power if you look at the symbol.

  5. Some of the new vehicles are electric, so the electricity from the biogas plant would be used to recharge them

  6. the forklift has a fuel indicator with a lightning bolt through it, implying it an electric forklift. I suspect there will be other electric vehicles and the electric output from the biogas plant will be to fuel that

  7. Can't wait for FS22! I've been inspired by FSG, DJ, Klutch, and others to start putting out Farm Sim videos. Just put out my first, going to need some practice at this before FS22 comes out!!! Its easier said than done to be a YouTube content creator, great work FSG!

  8. i think it may be an error on giants part but 1mW is not 1 megawatt but its milliwatt or 0.001 watt.
    it's likely an error but i thought i'd just put that out there

  9. Some really nice things coming in the new version. I will definitely have to purchase it and from this channel. Sorry I've missed your live streams lately, it's been rather busy here. reat to see the replays though. Take care FSG!

  10. Hello the biogas plant makes gases and electric and you can sell the electric and gas that's whont we do in real life

  11. Really don't care what they've done if they haven't improved the AI traffic, that's the only improvement I'm interested in, and am yet to hear one word about it…

  12. Gas might be for forklifts and power is probably just free charging for the electric machinery like the rigitrac

  13. The Prinoth is actually a Snowcat, they just adapted it for agricultural use after a lot of biogas-plants bought them for their silos and they found that that was a good market!

  14. With all the tools Giant has at their fingertips, when it rains the land BETTER look wet(like in Tom Clancy’s Wildlands…or Snowrunner AND…AND when you run through a PUDDLE(you know what that is … right) it will splash. If this DOES NOT HAPPEN….we must resort back to Pure Farming 2018,,, or Farmers Dynasty(dynasty is properly pronounced Die-nus-tee…NOT DIN-nus-tee…as the English(England) would say it

  15. Still no AI workers to hire or AI Farmers to compete with in the game after three years of development. Shame….I don’t see anything innovative that hasn’t been done by modders years ago. Disappointing!


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