"Erlengrat" New Mod Map Tour in Farming Simulator 19 – Alpine DLC


NEW MOD MAP FOR FARMING SIMULATOR 19!!! This map is part of the GIANTS DLC the Alpine Farming Expansion. This is mostly grass work map but features some very interesting and beautifully unique features.

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Map created by: GIANTS

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  1. 👍 the map looks good. But not just worth the $ 25 with change. The mods are all ready in game so nothing new there.
    I’m surprised they didn’t make the house a walk-in and no multi terrain. A nice idea with the train bit of a odd idea with the sell point for the barn tho.

  2. Hey Farmer Cop! Do you know which gets produced quicker between slurry and manure? Or are they the same rate? Wondering if straw is worth it.

  3. I guess I’ll have to log on tonight and see how steam handles the pre order of the expansion. Can’t wait. The map looks great.

  4. I just don't understand why they make the slot count so high it makes it so too hard to make your own farmer put you on placeables down if you want to

  5. I thought I would try to use the smaller equipment on this map. Well, that last for about an hour and half of game play. So I will try medium size equipment. 😊


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