EVOLUTION OF THE GAME! Farming Simulator 15 | 17 | 19 | PS5 FS19.


EVOLUTION OF THE GAME! Farming Simulator 15 | 17 | 19 | PS5 FS19. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. Using Sosnovka as the base map, I take a look at the evolution of Farming Simulator from when I first encountered it with FS15. This coincidentally mirrors the changes in the game with regard to consoles.
Apologies if I missed any features or changes… There were quite a few!



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  1. Fs 13 was first on Xbox I still have it.that where the hagenstedt map and westbridge Hill map came from.and there was slot counts then.fs 13 had a slot count of 120 slots

  2. a used vehicle shops (along with the sales you mentioned), more in depth logging (so things like hardwoods, harder to do more $) and then having the option to breed beef cows in Seasons, and then scaled missions so you would have to basically build a reputation before getting big valuable missions

  3. I’d love growing contracts. Ie 50000 Ltrs for a certain sell point at a good price. It would help you decide what to grow. And it would encourage you to maybe grow something you don’t normally. I never do sugar beet. But if I were offered £700 per thousand ltr opposed to £300. I’d really have to think about it

  4. Great vid as always I am quite new to the game I played 17 but never got into it, but last year I was furloughed and thought i would give 19 ago. Been hooked ever since and while I learnt to play the game I found that MrSealyP videos were amazingly helpful and I can honestly say I probably would not have kept playing if it wasnt for the videos he created so helpful for a new player. He always thanks the modders for their amazing work but I think he needs appreciation for the work he does half the mods I have now I wouldnt have looked at if it wasnt for MrSealyPs videos.
    FS21 I hope they improve the AI and make the maps more immersive more traffic that dosent just ram into you and for me weather improvements storms that damage crops to flooding, high winds etc.

  5. Mr sealy p should be listened to more by the game developers in what should be brought to the game for ps4/5 users as we have a limited count. He points out what could improve the game or make it a game changer . Personaly the games tractor sounds for me have become all the same and it dissiapoints me sometimes as when a new tractor comes out in mods it's the same sound as the rest.Would love if Mr Sealy P was asked by the developers to gather a short list from his followers to what they would like to see implemented into the game.A would love to see the ground being able to been dug by machines or being able to lay roads instead of tracks etc and I probs say this for everyone else but get the slot account to Feck.I have full respect for Mr Sealy P in what he does for us and can't thank him enough.I have full respect to the modders too as they have to go threw some hoops to get it approved and what not.But as Mr Sealy P shows as the game advances on there leaving alot of the small things behind that we notice in a heart beat.One thing I would love to see more than anything is another working farm on the game that you can help out each other with things that need done without having to go online etc.Anyways enough of me moaning but just food for thought.

  6. I’d like to see more realism when hitting objects, be it cars or trees. Maybe even just a damage scale to your equipment without changes you can see. There’s also no real incentive to drive carefully and stay on the roads instead of cutting across fields you don’t own. Maybe fines or small damage.

  7. I am biased to FS 17 since it was my into to series. FS 19 does nothing for me at all yes little bit more improvement in graphics but it lost alot as far as i'm concerned. Biggest reason i didnt buy FS 19 till a yr later was I could give a Ratts A%% about horses. Missions in FS 19 to me is a total downgrade from 17. Land is a pain in butt to deal with in 19. I was spoiled by mods & amount of machines in 17 & 19 i didn't like selection i had not enough balers,plows,cultivators etc… I have over 2200hrs in FS 17 I have played enough of 19 to know i will go back & play 17 way more often than 19 & in fact i just deleted 19 off my hardrive to make room for other games more worthy. In a year after more mods come into 19 i may get back into it again to see how much difference they have made but i really do enjoy 17 far more despite the advancements in 19. Only time will tell.

  8. Great video MrSealyP – Really showed off the positives and negatives of each iteration of the game nicely. Can't wait to see what comes next!

  9. I can only assume because theres no new game for 21 is because of the new generation consoles. They can probably do alot more for consoles now as it will be more powerful. They are redoing alot of work to the tractors as they recently did 3d tracks for certain vehicles. So i can assume everything will be 3d tracks in the next game. They will be doing more work for interiors in the tractors as in animations etc. And they have alot of tractors in there archive. So i can certainly wait longer for a new fs game because i no the next fs game they bring out. Is going to be a massive change.

  10. I'd like to see on consoles used equipment and being able to sell equipment to other players ect and be able to hire workers not just for the job you are doing but as an employee

  11. Implement the suspension, seasons and precision and leave the rest to the modders. I love the open arms approach to the creativity of a modder. Unlike some open world game companies…..

  12. I have only been playing fs19 and learned everything from watching your channel. Fs15 reminds me of Snowrunner graphics wise, may the trucks we more advanced but lighting reminds me of 15. I think what would be cool to have a way to put a train on any map, kinda like the landscape mods but you could put down track and then choose your train and cars. That would be super cool.have auto loading wood trailers they say it is code, but why are bales able to be autoloaded and other pallets? Lastly have a mod simular to the follow me mod, it would be awesome. Thanks Paul for sharing the 3 it was cool

  13. I do miss the weather forecast. All the missions was done better in 15 in that it was better marked where to go.

  14. Just goes to show that you can't please everybody….. Twelve dislikes, really, I'd like to see what those folks videos are like…..MrSealyp works so hard to bring us these videos for us to watch and, that in itself is no easy task……. so thanks very much MrSealyp…..

  15. I bought my first console (Xbox 1s) in November 2018 and FS17 was the first game I bought on Black Friday sale and my wife was confused as to why. I think she’s come to accept but not understand why I play it.

    I fumbled my way through the game until summer-ish 2019 and found Daggerwin videos when I was frustrated with something not work and saw him using mods, assumed they were PC, then one day in September YouTube popped up a MRSealyP video and I watched and realized mods were available on console! After feeling pretty dumb, my game was changed massively. I only played 17 a few months with mods before 19 came out but I still hop on Sosnovka on 17 from time to time, that play through is clean and untouched by mods. I have every rep maxed out and a nice small profitable farm.

  16. I think in the new one a blank sheet non mod customization map. I’m sure most us enjoying the maps that come out and map mods but being able to design in game based off a blank slate would be great. It’s almost a mix of a sim city style if you get what I’m saying. I enjoy just jumping in a map and designing my own but being able to do it on a blank slate from in game without a mod map would be awesome as well plus everything else you and others touched on.

  17. 6ashes gremlins. 9 day Seasons/precision farming..PS4 pro :: planted wheat/oat/barley/canola in Autumn.. 5 fields.. next day all withered.. the ones overdue for harvest now harvestable..

  18. You mentioned in a past video that you had an issue where it synchronized 100% but would join the game with SealyEG. Did you ever figure that issue? A friend and I have been having that issue on Elengrat lately.

  19. I'd like to see a realistic economy option – perhaps a 4th mode ? Where farms and / or equipment or farms WITH equipment come up for auction ? mortgages with realistic payments & down payments ? Can't sell property that's mortgaged? – perhaps a lease option for fields ? Perhaps a contract for crop delivery where price is set for a given amount at the beginning of the year ? Farms & land come up for sale from time to time – not available for purchase all the time – or you have to make an offer to buy a field / farm if its not for sale ? land prices / crop prices tied to the Geo for that particular area based on the real market ? The game is great – but a more realistic economy option / mode would allow those that wanted to play that mode a much more realistic / challenging option without having to completely overhaul the game ?


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