Farm Sim News! Passenger Support, Xbox Deleted Mods HELP, & More!


Passenger Support, Xbox Deleted Mods HELP, & More!
Farm Sim News FS22 – Farming Simulator 22

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Mod Testing List –
Giants Support –
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0:00 – Intro
0:13 – Top Stories
0:21 – Mods In Testing
0:31 – Giants Podcast & Xbox Mods Deleted
1:48 – Add Passenger Feature
2:13 – MF 5400 Update
2:44 – New Enclosed Trailer
2:59 – Hauer Update
3:20 – Riverside Farms
3:44 – Watch This Part First
4:14 – Outro
4:44 – Sleepy Town

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  1. Ayo! I hope this helps you guys out on Xbox. You 'SHOULD' be able to get everything back just by re-downloading all your mods. Maps will need to be downloaded as well, but that's all good! If you have any other major issues, let us know!
    Today's New Mods! Monster Truck, EPIC 4755, Alien Jim’s Animal Pens! (16 Mods)

  2. I haven't been on farm SIM for a while and decided to load it up today. My heart definitely stopped for a minute realising I couldn't get on to my save games, this definitely clears it up lol

  3. I see that xbox deleted my mods that i got now i have like 30 maps and 100+ mods and i got the new monster truck and there sooooo cool

  4. what about the mods that just are not there anymore. i had all the 4 wheeler mods and side by sides. they arent even in modhub anymore

  5. i didnt mind redownloading my mods but i basically lost a game save because everytime i load up this one game save it gets stuck at 85% ive deleted and redownloaded the game and its still doing it. id like to find a fix for this as i have over 100 hours on this game save.

  6. Great, thanks giants, for removing 4gb of mods but not adding a feature to download all mods from my game save! Appreciate the news as always DJ!

  7. Really looking forward to that trailer! Wish I had a trailer with a lift gate strong enough to lift a skid steer in real life though, would make my actual job so much easier!

  8. I didn't understand losing game saves reports because you would have to manually delete save data in cloud after unistalling game.

    It was quite annoying to download all the mods again because it only lists 4 missing mods at a time. Maybe I should make list somewhere. Helped me to get rid of handful of mods I haven't used since launch because I already had downloaded replacements for those (small workshop trailer -> toolbox etc).


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