FILLING 40FT CONTAINERS WITH A VOLVO Dark Forest Survival Farming Simulator 22 Let's Play Part 8


FS22 Filling 40ft containers with a Volvo is the next part in the Dark Forest Survival let’s play series on Farming Simulator 22. We start the day off selling logs at the sawmill to get us a bit of money so we can buy a new wheel loader. We then cut the grass on our land so we can create a clearing to cut trees in. We cut down a load of trees and cut them into 12m lengths. We then get a 40ft container and load all the logs into it which we then take to sell at the sell everything container. We do a second 40ft container of logs before finishing the day of loading a 20ft container.

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  1. since you need to know your borders cut the trees on your borders and make a dirt road around them so you can get trees as you need them easier and put a sawmill on the northen part of your land

  2. Another great video, Sim. For all of you lurkers and comment readers, make sure to subscribe to this channel. It helps him keep doing what he does for us.

  3. The trailer you bought to haul containers also has an option for a logging configuration. Might just wanna use that to haul logs, then lower the uprights and haul containers with it.

  4. The base map sawmill is too expensive. You could put a sawmill of yours, and start from there. I think it also doesn't have that much of products, right?

  5. Hey Sim – aside from equipment, is there a place you list what gameplay mods you’re using? I’m working on a new mod list for my own survival play through and was wondering what you prefer in the way of course play, autodrive, etc. do you have mod lists posted anywhere?

  6. I really liked the Ponsse 3-point processor from Kenny, you still have to cut and skid to the tractor but you can make quite a nice pile of logs in one location with it.


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