FLYING TO THE EDGE OF SPACE – Darkstar Jet Top Gun Maverick Gameplay


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  1. What's funny is it takes this much to bring in this aircraft this aircraft and the same goes for the space shuttle except they supposedly don't have engines coming in it's just a glider. Doesn't make sense I don't think it's possible

  2. BISNE and ZIMTI are fix locations. Basically virtual waypoints that are used to determine flight paths, especially around airports and stuff where you need people to fly out via a path that's not straight – you set up a couple GPS points and tell people what points to fly when, kinda like how when you're taxiing they just tell you "taxi via Mike, then Bravo 4, then Charlie, hold short of Runway one-seven". Same thing, just in the air.

  3. it's not actually designed after the sr-71 Blackbird it's based off of the cancelled sr-72 Blackbird which is an experimental UAV

  4. This smal intresting names (ZIMTI) on the GPS is just the navigation points, the small monitor show for you the distances betveen u and the navi points .Purple numbers and purple lines on the screen.
    16:52// DST (Distance )is 49,75 NM (Nautcal Miles)//
    Bud cool flight 🙂

  5. As you fly east, look how quickly you are "accelerating the moon rise", compared to when you first showed it right above the horizon.

  6. What I don't quite understand, is why do you have to fly inverted to gain speed? Why can't it be done by staying upright throughout the flight?

  7. Imagine you live in Florida and one of your friends in Texas mentions a weird thing in the sky, and then minutes later the dark star comes in and lands in Florida. That would be so weird


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