FS22 | A GUIDE TO… GRAPES & OLIVES! | Farming Simulator 22 | INFO SHARING PS5.


VINE PLACEMENT, CROP CARE! FS22 | A GUIDE TO… GRAPES & OLIVES! | Farming Simulator 22 | INFO SHARING PS5. GIANTS Software. Let’s take a look at Grapes & Olives! What equipment do we need? What order do we do things in? Which crop grows the fastest? When do we prune? Take a look with me… MrSealyp.


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  1. might be better when first starting to plow ,fert. the soil pretty much prep the land beforew you place the grapes or olives .. and buy letting the ia subsoil first you will always have a straight line to follow when placeing the crop .. just a thought

  2. Playing on Elm Creek -planted perfect straight blocks of Grapes – waited for ever to harvest – My Braud 9070L (Base game) is harvesting the grapes off the vines but it is not filling up the Braud 9070L – anyone else having the same issue?

    I have put in hours building up my farm to then have a harvester not working

  3. Since they have olives and grapes how much longer till we start seeing things like walnuts and almons and such 🤔

  4. Do you have to make two runs down the same lane between olive trees to insure all grass is mulched and subsoiled or does it matter?

  5. Just started my grapes and olives for the first time. Have had to rewatch this for reference. Really good job. Thank you. I think I’ve made one error tho. I bought the new Holland tractor as it just looked so awesome. Not sure the pruner will fit it tho :(.

  6. So I broke down and I bought it from Amazon played it for about a week last night it froze up on me and now it won't work Amazon refuses to take it back so I have no choice but to take it to GameStop and sell it for $20 $65 and I only get 20 from it yeah and the reason it froze I believe is I think I bought too many vehicles and the PS4 just couldn't handle it so yeah all in all it's a great game somewhat complicated when you do the production stuff which I tried to do till it froze so yeah my suggestion buy it from the PlayStation Network cuz I have over 100 games and none of them freeze plus it was starting to get kind of glitchy so I knew that was going to happen cuz that's what happens with all games I buy with the discs involved but couldn't even get into the cows or the sheep I got the chickens going but yeah I'm very disappointed but the game is very fun so that being said don't buy the disc version get the digital version

  7. i truly can't be bothered subsoiling or mulching because i have such huge orchards now, but i get 85% bonus as long as i fertilize and im ok with that for the 8 hours of real time it would take to do those two things

  8. Excellent video perfect for steps I just planted grapes and wanted to see what was needed and when and knew you would be the man to find for the answers thanks Mr Sealy P

  9. What yield effect is there if you use AI for mulch/cultivation and it doesn’t get completely against the vine?

  10. Little bit disappointed FS22 doesn't include the watering procedure, because it is needed for olives IRL at least. I grow olives as a living, and it is way easier here than in real life

  11. RE: Sugarcane. It would continuously grow until you got rid of it, but in FS17 you had to plow after every third harvest, so after 3 harvests you would get a penalty to the yield.

  12. I've just watched this guide but can I ask something that I feel you missed? How do I remove the orchards after I no longer wish to use them?

  13. What a great video. I was saving it until I was ready to start grapes and olives… no watering? Who'd have thunk it!!! I'm setting up all the productions so I'm looking forward to your next videos on factories to help me out, in case there's some tricky business there… thanks Mr SP

  14. Thanks as always for the great video. Is anyone else finding it really tedious doing the plowing in the vineyard? I am trying to get all areas underneath the vines, but it seems to require 2-3 passes to fully get in there and plow it, and my plow keeps getting stuck, anyone else finding this to be the case? Is it even needed or is it easier to just go down the middle only?

  15. Irl if you would to do each row two times for mulching and two times for subsoiling, you would go broke before you reach the end of the field. Irl people use measure tape (and wire or rope or infrared line tool) to draw a grid to prevent this. I don't know if you had weeds and rocks turned on. But subsoilers are also still broke in any other use situation they are not supposed to cause weeds in the quantities they do and they are nog supposed to leave a cultivate state. I would stay as far away from this as you can untill patch… .

  16. i cheated a bit and used my worker to make a straight line with a cultivator but i may need to redo them cause of the tractor i chose was wider then the orchard tractors

  17. Prices and yield on olives need major adjustment, planted all 3 fields in start farm on elm.creek, total investment 750k. Including oil factory at 80k. Have run for 3 years total yield per year is roughly 14k liters, if sold outright price is roughly 1k per 1k liters so total profit is 14k roughly if you run through factory then you get 5k per liter so roughly 30k per year. To lease the picker it is a little over 15k initial cost. If olives are sold straight out at 1k it won't even pay for rent on harvester.

  18. Great video. I want to mention, the New Holland TK4 methane tractor is great for mulching and cultivating. Why? Because its can turn around on a dime, effectively doing a 360 once at the end of a row. Disadvantage of it, only 75 hp and you're not going to be carting with it as top speed is only 7mph. However, traction and maneuverability are unmatched. I would be interested to know the percentage increases in yield for doing each step, example mulching, cultivating, and fertilizing.

  19. In fs19 and sugar cane the only reason to replant every three harvest is because u need to plow. If you turn off plowing your sugarcane will regrow every time with the same yield.

  20. I think you can fertilize plants by spraying fertilizer on the leaves. But i think there might be some protection included aswell. Vines are sensitive plants to many diseases.

  21. Just place your tractor & trailer inbetween the row ,and watch the line placement you will have a guide 1)straigth lines
    and 2) you can see how it will affect supplemental work you need to do , and helper planning.


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