FS22 Release!!! 🚧Caterpillar D-10T Dozer \ TerraFarm Ready //🚧Farming Simulator 22 Mods


Hello Friends!!!!
Farming Simulator 22
New Dozer !!! the ripper work as plow , terrafarm ready , when the V4.0 is out !!!

Model donated by @sgt.Wallcroft (vale)

🔷👷‍♂️-DO NOT FORGET-👍🔔📣📡🔷

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Farming Simulator 22 Mods

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  1. No me funciona el Terra Farm con esta máquina, ni tampoco con la Liebherr 980, alguna solución. Gracias

  2. this is awesome! do you have any plans to convert the rope shovel from 19 and add terrafarm to that? get some good open pit mines started that way! thanks for all you do for the community!

  3. Great video FS Miner! I am also looking for some help as non of my mining mods are able to fill their shovels in FS19. Sorry to post here not sure where I need to ask. Any ideas anyone?

  4. Why does it have to wait to work with the mod till that version can you just make a version that works with the current version

  5. Well dang!! I think I fell in love again!! With each release you out do yourself FS Miner!! Plus custom modding those guys do some great work as well!! Top notch!! Great work fellas!! With such great mods!! Can’t wait to get the D10 and the low boy working on my mine or excavation job!!

    Ps: Any status updates on terrafarm 4.0?

  6. Hey quick question, i downloaded you mining pack the one with 32 mods, and i cant get the excavators to work with terra farm, and where you buy them it says "MISSING 'FSMINER' IN L10N_EN.XML" how do i fix this?

  7. I actually had a D10 Dozer on my job. What a machine… Other dozers just look like toys in comparison. Good job FS Miner

  8. thank you so mutch for shareing your excelent mods with all of us and all your hard work making them you have changed the game for the better

  9. as always bro great work thanks' for keeping the community mining if they gave trophy's for modders you my friend would be receiving it.


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