“GREENRIVER 22” | The Return! | FS22 MAP TOUR! NEW MOD MAP | Farming Simulator 22 (Review) PS5.


“GREENRIVER 22” | The Return! | FS22 MAP TOUR! NEW MOD MAP | Farming Simulator 22 (Review) PS5. Map by: Bart – NLD Community. New to Console! Game By: GIANTS Software. What do you start with on New Farmer? What do you start with in Farm Manager and Start from Scratch modes? How many slots does it use? What features stand out? All these questions and more, answered with me… MrSealyp.

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  1. I can no longer sell the buildings but i also cant use any triggers like the sleep trigger also i can not place any animals in the barns because it says that i do not own any animal barns but i do own them

  2. Nice vid… Funny to see a "Dutch" map surrounded by mountains. The netherlands is 95% flat, the rest is not higher than hills!

  3. One of my favorite fs19 maps is butchered 😢. All the nice buildings replaced by the ugly base game buildings. Love the video, love the map, don’t like the farms.

  4. It’s possible to remove every building at the main farm . It’s a nice feature.
    I replaced every building by the one from 20mm normandy because it’s fits the map much better .

  5. Great map tour mr P I really enjoyed this map in 19 with the TLX 9000 and the Phoenix and it’s a welcome return keep up with the great work 👏👏👍👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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