HARDEST recovery, TRUCK slid down the mountain | Contractor Jobs | Farming Simulator 19 | Episode 10


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Today we are in Walchen with @Chata Modding and we have two rescues to do. Scania with a big excavator hit the black ice and slid down the mountain and the second one MAN truck also hit the black ice and slid into woods losing his load. First, we got our Mercedes Sprinter van on the scene and then we headed back to HQ to get two Volvos that we gonna use to pull the trucks up. Chata is using Volov with crane and flatbed and I am using a Volvo wrecker. We got ourselves in positions, we attached one winch on the front of the Scania and one on the back of the Scania and we started pulling. The excavator that is on the trailer is very heavy and also the low loader is catching ground in some places. Also, we can’t position our selfs that well because of the snow. We pulled and pulled and in the end, we managed somehow to get it back on the road. The next one is MAN that sild in the woods, its gonna be easy to pull him out because PONSSE that he was transporting got off the trailer and slid down more in the woods. We pulled MAN back on the road and we went to inspect PONSSE. Our winch cables can’t reach that far to attach PONSSE so Chata decides that he will back up down the mountain and attach it and I will hold him with my winch. We also managed to get PONSSE back on the road. We loaded MAN on the Chata’s VOLVO and I got the MAN’s low loader and we are headed back to HQ. At HQ Chata jumped into SCANIA flatbed with ramps and I got SCANIA with a flatbed trailer and we are headed back to the mountain. Chata loaded Scania 8×4 and I loaded Ponsse on my flatbed and we are headed back to HQ again. At HQ we unloaded everything and went to take a rest. The company will send MAN 8×4 to pick up the excavator and bring it down the mountain.

Enjoy the video!

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馃枼锔廝C Specifications:
Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X AM4
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RAM: 2x8GB 3200 MHz DDR4 Patriot VIPER
Power Supply: Thermaltake RGB 650W
SSD-1: Samsung 970 EVO NVMe M.2 1TB
SSD-2: Intel 660P M2 NVME 3 500 GB


Intro: Meet me (feat. no啪) – mickey valen
Outro: Glude Dreamers
0:11 – 3:16 Egzod & Neoni – The Revolution (Arc North Remix)
3:17 – 6:07 Ship Wrek & Essy – Fools Gold
6:08 – 9:10 BEAUZ & JVNA – Crazy
9:11 – 12:19 RedMoon & Meron Ryan – Heavyweight
12:20 – 16:21 Sad Puppy – Doing It
16:22 – 19:36 Rob Gasser & Laura Brehm – Vertigo



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  2. Looks so cool but if this was IRL u would not cut the tree down and leave it there to support the tralier and disconnect the truck from the tralier winch the truck out and then tow it back with the flat bed then winch the tralier out and tow that back with the other truck by using the tralier adapter on the tow bar


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