How To Fill Fertilizer Spreader With Fertilize FS22 Farming Simulator 22


For beginners wondering how to fill fertilizer and purchase a fertilizer




  1. Thx bro I just started yesterday also. Although I’ve been eyeballing this game for years and it just came free with PlayStation plus 😊🎉

  2. If you took the time to make an in-game video, you might as well have actually done what the tutorial video is about. I tried backing up with this same tractor and the same fertilizer spreader to the same lizard liquid fertilizer. I tried from all 4 sides and angled like you show here, I tried with the cover on, the cover down, lifted and lowered. I also tried to buy a pallette of solid fertilizer and I'm out of ideas how I could get any of it into the spreader. Like I said if you were going to record this in game, you might as well could have just actually demonstrated the process.


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