I Made $435k My First Day As A Farmer | Stone Valley | Farming Simulator 22


Stone Valley 22 – Episode 1 – I Made $435k My First Day As A Farmer
Let’s Play FS22 – Farming Simulator 22

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  1. Hey DJ, love all the videos, and thanks for being the "Mod-Man"! How did you get all red older starting vehicles as well as the semi? Everywhere I look it comes with the base game starting equipment. Keep up the awesome videos, and loving the farmcon stuff btw!

  2. I know this is a random but I really wish they could add mor older equipment such as some farmalls and John Deere’s, that would be cool and neat

  3. I try to keep what I have but I ensure I've got the equipment I need for the job before I buy the field. So if I wanted to do productions, I'll make sure I've got a flatbed, truck and a telehandler to move it. If I want to do more crops I will make sure I've got the right tools for the job. So I'll buy a, let's say, potato Harvester and planter and a medium tractor before I buy the field to make it

  4. I always like to get a good sold home base established before I start upgrading equipment or buying more fields but that’s me personally

  5. For me I usually just build my own farm and make it look pretty but I still will focus on equipment after that then it’s fields. It kind also depends on the map

  6. “Everything I am using is for all platforms”.
    Oh i may have modded this just a little bit.
    Doesn’t that make it not for all platforms??🤔🤔

  7. I like to see the equipment and buy new stuff also like to alter the farm to what I want and add decorations etc.
    I'm going to start a series on this map as well but thinking of an idea….

  8. The only thing I do not like about Stone valley. I have to cultivate myself. Whenever I try to hire a helper, it says worker stopped field not found. I do not remember updating the map.

  9. I like that price mod. Reduces the emphasis on productions a bit. Also in the settings if you're using a controller, reduce the steering recenter sensitivity to around 60% or less. At default it's way too quick and makes articulated vehicles in particular awful to drive. Makes them a lot more more enjoyable.

  10. The tractor you call the anteater actually has a Nickname, it's usually called a Snoopy because of the long nose.

  11. 1. Equipment (larger/faster)
    2. Fields (start to get more)
    3. Upgrade Sheds
    4. No debt
    5. More equipment
    6. Watch and wish the money is real. 😁

  12. My main thing starting off. Is to get rid of all of the equipment, get rid of buildings which depends on if I like them or not and definitely get rid of the silo. I either go with the AGI silos or a multi fruit one and of course use the govt subsidiary mod for cash 🤣

  13. What I like to do is do something more realistic.. that’s making the field actually be curved around the corners then a hard sharp square that is unrealistic. I don’t speed harvest anything I try to make my game realistic as possible. I upgrade my tractors but keep my implements small to enjoy the game. I also have small headers to enjoy harvesting and do such as real life.

  14. I've never really needed to build any new placeables that will change the game for me, I mostly care about the equipment and upgrading it and the land and buying it

  15. I don't even do that I just play what dj go ham was saying at the beginning of the video I'm on stone valley 22 I already got 40 hours I just started playing on this map less then a week ago I'm already liking the map I've rate a 10 for sure

  16. I know this is of topic but is anybody making a Kubota Mx or l series compact tractors for all platforms and if not could someone contact a modder and see if that is possible?

  17. What do we do. try to make the farm fully self sufficient. Seeds, fert's, diesel you name it. The only thing you can go to the shop for is equipment.

  18. Got the map, but it has none of that equipment on it and looks like it was uploaded in the middle of a save. Maybe the wrong thing?


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