Making Hay & Harvesting Oats – The Western Wilds #20 FS22 Timelapse


FS22 Making hay and harvesting oats is the next part in the Western Wilds timelapse series on Farming Simulator 22. We start the day off mowing our grass field and then tedding it for hay. We rake up the hay and bale it to use for feeding our beef cows and making TMR. The next job is to harvest our field of oats and bale up the straw. We then collect up all the bales and put them into storage.

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  1. Hey sim I’ve been watching you since your Williama forest series and I’m here asking on how you remove the stump of the tree with your chainsaw cause I can’t seem to do it and I’m also on console so if that affects it or not idk?

  2. Nice content! Do you plan to use Custom Modding's Honeybee headers when they're out? If you dunno they'll be in varying sizes with the biggest being over 18 meters, perfect for the X9 1100.


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