*NEW* Active Run and Seeder Screens for Sim Dashboard – Farming Simulator 19


Before you ask, no they don’t work on iOS or on Console 😉

We’re taking a first look at the NEW custom-designed John Deere Gen 4 Active Run Touch Screen I
have created to work with an Andriod tablet alongside FS19

0:00 – Intro
1:05 – Public Service Announcement
2:35 – Active Run Page
8:36 – Seeder Page

Get the Active Run screen here –

Get the Seeder screen here –

Get all of my screens here –

Get Sim Dashboard Here –

This is a demo of my own custom Sim Dashboard Screen for FS19. I took inspiration from the real-life Gen 4 screens you would find in a John Deere tractor but then adapted some of the controls so that all the buttons were functional. You do need some additional mods to get full functionality, all of which are available from the in-game mod hub:

Guidance Steering by Wopster –
DEF Pack (AdBlue) –
Tool Height Control for Harvesters –
Courseplay –
Enhanced Vehicle Mod –

I already have other screens in the pipeline so stay tuned to see what’s next.

If you like what you see please give me a sub and like the video, it would be much appreciated.

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*NEW* Active Run and Seeder Screens for Sim Dashboard – Farming Simulator 19

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  1. I can't wait to use these I have recently come across the sim dashboard and now I see come made this connect with farming sim 19 and oh my that is really really cool, good job

  2. I am on a PC and have the dash board installed but it does not show in game. It is in my mod folder and is checked in the pre game check list ????

  3. Trying to download your pages but keep getting a download failed error.
    Not your problem, will contact developer. Had it installed on same tablet before and downloaded a few designs but won't download any now. I do have the pro version also.
    Great work btw, can't wait to use.

  4. Hey man I'm probably doing something wrong but for me when I use the front diff lock on your screens it triggers a courseplay function.

    Same happens when I press the num-7 button on the keyboard is that just a keyboard conflict that cannot be fixed?

  5. I installed the Sim Dashboard, scanned the Active Run screen, and it said I needed to get the pro version. Did I miss something?

  6. Soft suggestion – having a fill-level bar for the fertilizer below the seed so that you know how much you have of both without having to open up the F1 menu just to see. Aside from that – damned good job sir =D

  7. The Idea is fantastic i Hope some Brands see this and collab with there knowledge and Giants do there thing with this to make this a Standard Option to use . Because i dont pay for the pro Version to be Limited on jd Screens and you could Not do all aviable Screens Out there your self. I think you did an fantastic Job on this. Could you asked the Developer If its possible to Draw lines and colours in the GPS screen with that data?

  8. I just want to say thanks for these beautiful screens. I've just downloaded all of these screens and will put them to good use.

  9. I am having trouble making
    my GPS engage. It just makes the implement fold up or the tractor. What could I be doing wrong? Thanks

  10. Great addition. Just started using the sim dashboard. Jealous of your modded 9R though. Thanks for all your doing for the game.

  11. Amazing, This is really what makes the game a SIMULATOR! Fantastic work to all involved. I really hope the next farming sim has this built in.

  12. This is amazing and brings so much to the game!
    Ive just moved over from ps4 to pc and im finding its a massive difference.
    I have downloaded all of the screens you've created and love them, the only problem im having is with the GPS buttons, none of them seem to do what they are supposed to. If I click the guidance button for instance it lifts and lowers my implement. Have you any ideas? Its probably me as I say im new yo the pc gaming.

  13. Ok, loaded it on my phone but I defiantly need a tablet. I may have missed it in the instruction but how do I change pages?

  14. Is it best to play FS19 on a computer over a PlayStation? I reckon actually using the equipment in real life is easier than in the game. The mods on the console side of things don’t seem to be as much as the computer.

  15. Yes another informative, entertaining and just good FS19 video with our new tool Sim Dashboard from our favourite FS19 YT Star….Thanks FSG…again.

  16. hey man i love your vids! keep up the good work

    ps: are you planning to make other screens in the furure for example a fendt or a new holland?

  17. Awesome work! May I ask you one question? Which resolution do you upload to Sim Dashboard to get these brilliant graphics?

  18. Waoo FSG. It looks really good. You have then spent a few hours making it all look so good. Impressive work you have done. I'm looking forward to my tablet coming home, so I'll definitely be playing with the sim dashboard as well.


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