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“High Speed And High Capacity
New Holland H8000 Series Speedrower® windrowers deliver capacity that can’t be matched by other machines. They handle all crops—alfalfa, grass, canola, small grains, barley, lentils or peas—with ease and speed, with models that range from 126 horsepower to a powerful 226 horsepower. The control achieved with the H8000 windrowers takes productivity to the highest level.”

Today, I bring you the middle model from that series: the New Holland H8060! This mod was originally created by Trailer Park Farms in FS17, was converted to FS19, and I have now brought it to FS22! Besides making it error-free, I have…

– Updated mod and store icons
– Organized file names with zip
– Adjusted horsepower to reflect realistic value
– Adjusted exterior camera to target inside the machine instead of below the machine
– Changed the steering from rear wheel steer to zero-turn steer to realistically fit its real life function
– Changed the store info for the header to “Durabine 416″ to reflect its real model
– Put new Michelin 580/75R26 tires on the front, added a front diamond-tread tire option, resized the rear R15 tires to balance the machine
– Added conditioner configuration (single set or no set) for those wanting to simulate mowing without crimping
– Added proper FS22 discharge effects for hay coming out the back of the Durabine header
– Added two speed hydrostatic transmission (low gear – 12.5mph top speed; high gear – 18mph top speed)

Thank you to 46Mods for helping me with component and component joint creation. Make sure to go check out their page; he’s doing some great modding work!

Thank you to Trailer Park Farms for granting me permission to convert and release this mod. Make sure to go check out their page as well; they’ve recently been working on some beautiful placeables.

New Holland H8060 Speedrower – $69,500 | 190 horsepower
Durabine 416 – $12,000 | 16’1” working width


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  1. Thease typs of mowrs are must for large mowing jobs on the cheap sure beats paying big bucks for the huge mowers thanks for the info great vid.

  2. The mower works great but you may run into issues with GPS because the mower header does not have a designated width. We have used it on our MP server and engaging GPS causes the server to lock up. We love the mod and hopefully the author can address that in a future update. Thanks for the video FK!!!


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