New Mods! MAD Sprayer, New Maps, & More! (10 Mods) | Farming Simulator 19


New Mods & Mod Updates – April 28, 2021
“MAD Sprayer, New Maps, & More!” (10 Mods)
New Mods FS19 – Farming Simulator 19

GPORTAL Servers –

0:00 – Intro
0:08 – Mod Overview
0:27 – MAD High Pressure Washer
1:34 – Slurry-Tools
2:37 – JCB Front Bumper
3:15 – Riverside Shed Pack
4:42 – Jack Pine
8:18 – Lands Of River Po
8:58 – Rusty Acres
12:23 – Lorraine Agricultural Co Op
15:19 – Pellet Packing Station
16:27 – Variable Spray Usage
17:14 – Outro

Most All Mod Videos Use Pacific Northwest As The Testing Map. (This map is available on mod hub for all platforms) –
All Released Mods –

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  1. You Owe MissyB an Apology!!
    In this video you skimmed over her 5 Shed in this pack!
    It is there. You should have gone to Brands and select MissyB Farming Solutions and you would have seen it there.
    I'm her Facebook and Twitch Moderator and what you said wasn't fair Sir!! 😠

  2. I love Sampo Rosenlew, I like to use the Sampo Rosenlew to just drive around but due to me playing on PS4 I sell it so that way it doesn't take up slots, I will get Farming Simulator 19 on pc and I will never sell it since people on pc/mac doesn't have slots.

  3. From what I have seen, that arm by what you thought might be a weigh station on Lorraine map is actually a sampling machine which dips into the load on trucks trailers and takes a sample (using suction) of the grain and sends it to a lab on the premises where they look at the quality and whatnot of the grain.

  4. Does this mean that You are going to wash your tractors?😁😂👍🤟🤟💙😉😉

  5. Is anyone else have issues with farms for animals not opening anymore in purchase menu on Oak Farms on ps4?

  6. Rusty Acres map on PC has been replaced with the farming agency version. I did find some trees in fields, which stinks but easily fixed.. I still have x copy of the non FA version.

  7. Congrats on 150k subs Dj. Its incredible to see how far you’ve come. I remember when you only had about 15k subs.

  8. hey Dj! congrats on 150k! and that thing at the co-op is actually a grain moisture tester, though it's most likely just decoration on this mod. Great vid man!

  9. Actually let me stop you right there dj there is a mod for a pressure washer that allows you to pick it up and take it anywhere


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