NEW MODS (Review) Farming Simulator 19 FS19 15th Feb 2021 PS5. Modhub.


NEW MODS (Review) Farming Simulator 19 FS19 15th Feb 2021 PS5. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Small Polish Chicken Coop By: Kacper, Hedge Pack By: [DMI] 20mmNormandy, ToolTrolley By: Neroxc, Medium Garage By: M9cHalek, Shed
By: KxuyLS, Wood Garage By: Krycho dwa, Block House By: Przemek23433, Small Outbuilding By: SzeftiLS, MK 7900 By: GameMasTer/Blueking, Esnr 17 By: blueking, Lemken11hst By: Hemerson Dentinho, Lizard T6000 By: konstii ls/Lindner Power/ Fabian/Gogobear, Carre Rotanet Control By: SimulagriModding, Kaweco PROFI II.20 By: STv-Modding, Lizard D20 By: Marcos S.D/Tailan/Agro Mods, Stara ST MAX 150 And 180 By: Agro Tonho & John Deere 6R US Series By: blauea.

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  1. Hello Mr.S. I was working in real life with the hand backpack sprayer few months ago. It looks like fun, but 20 litres in hard forestry terrain… I think you can imagine that 🙂

  2. Hi MrSealyp great mod review, love all your hard work is their a reason you are not using the mod test map just wondering as you only did one review on that before the farm sim show.

  3. I like it when u can go in a house wish there was a painting mod so I can get rid of the green wall I like the sprayer would b good if u could spray weeds in farm yard to get rid of them very good mod review

  4. in the wyther farms map it says that the mods of placeables factory pack if it is compatible but in xbox console that mod can be

  5. That hoverboard, you can’t move for them on UK farms, they’re used for ploughing, muck spreading, so commonly seen, that one looks like a David Brown 866 that your using, it’s 249 horses & one donkey, him who uses it in FS19

  6. Had me excited, thinking there was a swan neck fertilizer sprayer with the color. We need one badly, that and a tanker in swan neck.
    Please for the love of God, put them in the game. A swan neck dolly and a trailer for animals would be great. A smaller swan neck tractor would too…
    And a hoverboard with a backpack blower would too…so we can get the grass out of the road.

  7. The Veenhuis slurry spreader does the same with the axle i use that one a lot, the kaweco looks like the Veenhuis one to 😅

  8. Had been running a Stara on The Old Farm Countryside but have had to sell it and buy this modded Stara as it comes with a front loader attachment option.

  9. Just as an addition to your great mods review, there is a slurry tank which when unfolded – the front axle opens out (I only know this because I use it) one of the Veenhuis variants 🙂

  10. Dont bother downloading griffin indiana 19 ,train has major flaw ,just floats in the air ,slot count is over 800, 3 decorations amount to over 300 slots ,definitley needs an update👍

  11. Mr. SEALYP, I believe you were not getting eggs due to the fact, i believe i seen you had a rooster. When you have a rooster, you will get offspring from your chickens, not eggs

  12. Wow three new maps, they sure are working you hard Mr SP. Looking forward to seeing them, your reviews are always appreciated.

  13. In the Alpine Expansion, there is that walk behind mower where you character actually walks. Why don't mod makers use those scripts to make these backpack items?

  14. whoever has doubts, the Lizard D20 is a Brazilian sprayer generally used in small areas or by small farmers and does all the standing work

  15. Thanks for the mod review! As always, great professional demos 👍🏻 I saw the new maps pop up today on the modhub and was thinking to myself: oh dearie me, where on earth will MrSealyP find the time to cover all of them 😆

  16. Hey Mr. Sealy P how’s it going? Love your videos. I noticed in your mod review videos when you test the horn on vehicles it sounds like it has an echo and I wanted to ask if that was a PS5 thing or is it a mod of some sort? I have PS4 and my horns don’t have the echo. Thanks in advance. Keep up the great work.

  17. Them hedges are a joke 4 meter dark brown weetabix ,that don’t connect together, & 6 slots, are they really for a farm or a back garden, if there was as many walls, gates& hedges, as there was 2 meter ploughs, the job would be done, finally the ability to box farm extensions in.

  18. @mrsealyp the reason why the eggs didn't appear it's because the reproductive rate was up to 80 hours the more animals of one type the shorter the time but If you have less animals of that type the longer it takes to reproduce

  19. And this is why I still come to see your mod reviews even when I’ve already taken a look. The laughs are always enjoyable enough to make me smile for the morning! I believe the engine sound on that hoverboard sounds like the base game pickup 1978.

  20. updated Wyther farms – now the game won't save – PS4 freezes at the gave save popup – won't progress won't let you back out either. I could be wrong – but seems each update creates new issue(s)


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