NEW PTO GENERATAOR IN THE HALL | Purbeck Valley Farm Farming Simulator 19 – Episode 33


New PTO Generator on the farm

Map –

Real Mower Mod

County Tractor –

Enhanced Vehicle


Kane Trailer

Deere 2266

Lizard Tank 40


Reisch AgriMaxx 1060

Onion Greenhouse

Real Mud


Lely P300

Case Wheel Loader

ArtMechanic PTO

Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. Daggerwin, I'm new to your vids and I really enjoyed your Green River map let's play.
    I've always been curious about the FS series of games and because of your Green River series and this one I've gotta say I'm sold on FS 19!, definitely getting it and getting both the Green River map and the Purbek Valley one as well.
    I live in the US and I'd look forward to you doing a let's play series on a map based on an area in one of the Central states (I'm in Missouri btw) though I'm not sure if they've got a Missouri map on ModHub.
    Anyway keep up the fantastic work, take care of yourself, and looking forward to more FS vids!

  2. i work in a factory/warehouse with a palletiser i wish we had one like that with 0 problems, we make coke and monster energy, when the machine goes wrong it goes wrong lol, being a FLT driver you see quite a bit 😀

  3. I was running the Onion mod there as well and once I deselected it and tried to go back in the sell point still did not work, please help I have looked all over Reddit and Google with no solution

  4. What is the name of the "Courseplay control" addon? would love to be able to have an helper follow a set course. So they stop been to dumb to know how to actually do their work lol

  5. A cool looking American map is New Woodshire by Redkeinstus, I haven't played it personally but it is based in the northern USA. La coronella 2.0 is fun too, I'm playing through that right now and its pretty fun(at least for me, a new player lol)

  6. Hi Daggs I've been trying to find the MT9 scanner mod but have had no success and it's not on your list. Please can you let me know where I can find it or put the link in your description as I'd really like to get it. Thank you in advance.

  7. With the issue with pellet pallets not selling at the sell point you need to h9ld thepallets above the trigger with the loader. It's an issue with the pallets. You can also sell the pellets at the placeable sell point using a ripper trailer and packing the pellets into palletscdoesntvincreasecthe price when You sell them but it's still fun to Pelletier the pellets. Plz like so daggerwin can see this

  8. I just want to stay safe me here I have a typhoon about to hit my area soon this may be the last daggerwin vid for a couple days


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