NEW TREX 600 EARLY PREVIEW FIRST LOOK | Farming Simulator 22


We take a look at Blacksheep Modding Trex 600 in Farming Simulator 22!!

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  1. i really miss this mod from FS19!! super excited he's back!!!

    today i spent almost 3 hrs widening a little road at the Riverview map…. and i only removed like 15 trees!!!!!

  2. Been using it in FS22 since early/mid December. Someone converted it and put a chute on it to collect the wood chips into a trailer so you can sell them. This is definitely a more detailed and faster working version though as the one I have takes 5-8 seconds to cut a tree down.

  3. I really want this… I've been waiting for this since fs22 came out…. I hate doing logging and it's a pain to cut down trees especially on console…. I can't get my hands on this soon enough.


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