No Money! No Land! No Equipment! | FS22 Ultimate Roleplay | Ep 1


In this episode of the Farming Simulator 22 Ultimate Roleplay Series we are simply trying to find our feet, get to know our surroundings and make our first little bit of money.

Welcome to The Ultimate FS22 Roleplay Series! In this Farming Simulator 22 Roleplay Series we start out with absolutely nothing. We have no money, no land and no equipment but we have a dream of owning our own farm and we will do everything we can to make that dream a reality.

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  1. Does anyone know how to do this on ps4 ( start from 0 ) on the hardest u still get like 500000 even if u purchase land and basic equipment u still left with plenty of money

  2. Love your commentary and the way you implement timelapses. Great job with music too. You got yourself a subscriber, Mister. 😉

  3. Contracts are very useful during the growth stages as well as whil e you are waiting for crops to mature etc. ps. Great job role playing this to appear as real life.. Very enjoyable 🙂

  4. Nice series and very interesting story but one thing catch my mind i dont think that farmer would just give a random guy John Deere RX9 to do a contract work lol,i know i wouldn't,i mean it's a 500k machine and if you just come to town well it's just a little unrealistic for me.
    They would probably try you out in different way,but yea i know it's just a game lol.
    Anyway cool stuff keep up with the videos.

  5. Hallo dis lekker om te sien dat van ons SA mense kom nog reg in die wêreld maar ja ek is mal oor jou video en I should maybe not comment completely in afr but love your video

  6. Hey there Dave, I don't know if you remember me. I'm Dave as well.. I use to watch your streams when you were doing ATS. You grew dude. I always want to get into the role playing aspect of the game cause it looks fun. Though I really wouldn't know where to start. I like fishing and thought something like that. But not many games you can really roleplay with can you. I tried getting into this game but the game is quite heavy on the computer. Hopefully all is well for you and your wife. I know this is an older video but just wanted to pop in and say high and congratulate you on your 10k subscribers.. Hope to hear from you friend.. I'll probably binge watch your series here lol.

  7. Should’ve done the vehicles in first person would’ve added to it, unless the reason for third person was that you had your drone following you.


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