RASSVET #18 / PLANTER DREAMS! / Farming Simulator 19 PS5 Let’s Play FS19.


RASSVET #18 / PLANTER DREAMS! / Farming Simulator 19 PS5 Let’s Play FS19. Map by: Den Ben. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. Preparation and planting of fields 6 & 7 continues. My initial plan meets with a snag! Meanwhile a new shed and silo ‘should’ be under construction.

Music (if used) is from YouTube and Sharefactory’s free libraries.

Mods used: Precision Farming By: GIANTS Software, Lizard 5557/4320-60 Farmer + Lizard 4320-60 UST-5453 By: Axary, UN-053 Wheel Loader By: Mr.Dinamit88/TherOcsy, Lizard 17221-21 + KBM 10.8PS + GVS 6U By: RusAgroTeh, Lizard 445DTC By: 50keda, John Deere Gator 6×4 By: BlackSheep Modding, K-258 + ChMZAP 5523 By: Karl911, Concrete Blocks Pack By: FsM Creations, Bizon Z056 By: DanioMods, MMZ-768B By: FSSA Modding Team, Lizard Mazur 6/1100 By: maciusboss1/Matt26, Rau Unisem MS4/MS6, Pottinger LW 15 By: AgrarDesignAustria (BGamer003), Front Lifter By: Peppe978, Ursus C355/C355M/C360 4×4 By: Driver300/Gracjan26, Cutting Bar Set By: Polofreak211/ GnomAtom/privatprivat, Garden Hose By: grasslandMods, Lizard D882 By: Ostry/Kasztan18, Lizard 232 By: Bear Farm/IGORyaN, Grimme SL 80-22 Quantum AL-X By: TopAce888, HW80 Wood Trailer By: Kamilos0397, Case W20E By: SleutjesModding, Cotton Pack Brazil By: Connect Modding, RYC ONE 6M + Lizard Livestock Trailer By: raulycristi1 (VSR Modding Sur), Lizard 17221 By: R Mihail, Claas Mega Pack By: VertexDezign/Landmensch, EB7/70 By; Mr.Dinamit88/TherOcsy, Russian Grain Silos By: Edge Gaming/Castiga, NML Placeables pack By: ALiEN JiM,



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  1. You should do a multiplayer with Buttons sometime. You think you’re untidy, you be mind blown trying to find anything on her farm.

  2. Open cab no good in uk u would need a suitcase full of clothes 2 change into because of the rain hailstones and high winds all in the summer

  3. To answer your question about real life farming.we keep all of weights alone because each tractor has its own job tillage, planting, hay and hay barn

  4. Mr SealyP talking about weights I've done that plenty of times. I've had go back several miles to grab weights before too!

  5. I'm not sure if I was dreaming this, but wasn't there a buck (mod) that held 1 million litres? If so, anyone remember the name/maker? I can't seem to find it…..lol thank you 🤘

  6. I heard a rumour but not sure if its true or not but an American spy use to live in Rassvet and he use to do a bit of farming in his spare time, he had an old White Field Boss or was it a Deutz Chalmers but it was kept near the big lakes, it might still be there ?

  7. Brad sounds like a top bloke. Helping his friend's father in law on a Sunday, earnt my respect immediately.
    As a tradie myself (farm hand is just on the slow days, actually a roofer for the past few years) I can tell you there is a huge difference between a cowboy and a tradie who does things right.
    Most rooves we could do a well below average job, homeowner would be none the wiser and happy with the job. Few months later they would have problems and be on the phone asking us back, seems like that would earn us more $ by coming back to fix stuff. However people talk and if you do a dodgy job they will complain that they had to have you back X amount of times and it ended up costing them more. We find if you spend the extra time and money to do it right they will be overjoyed with the job and recommend their friends use ustherefore giving the business a good name and getting more high paying jobs as opposed to endless small repair jobs.
    No one probably cares but I felt like airing my opinion.
    Hope that made sense to any who reads.

  8. I feel your pain with the cooker, I changed from a electric cooker to gas, when we got our cooker, we had to move the kill switch, cause it was so close, so the guy's had to come back once this was do, but they were really nice about it, so I understand what you're going through & I know us your saying, I'm not complaining, I'm just explaining, 🤣🤣🤣

  9. I have gone back to my old ways. Was screaming at the screen during your auger wagon palava. "You are too close" "remember last time it comes out at a 45 degree angle" "omg MrSealyP why can't you hear me!!"

  10. Great episode. Regarding using implements to big for the tractor. I do it everytime I plow with our little 138 Massey. It will pull it but doesn't really have enough hydraulic power to lift it with the 3point. Get about 3 seconds before it drops again so turns are all about the timing

  11. MrSealyp have you ever thought of a let’s play where you actually go and take a loan for vehicles or equipment? For example you want to buy a tractor you have to go get a loan for the price of the tractor. Or field etc. that would be realistic scenario. I mean farmers don’t always just go pay cash. Even if they have the cash they still take loans out to save money.

  12. When things go wrong with certain mods that you use. It just tells me what mods I need to avoid and that are finicky. Like your Auger wagon.. I'll never use it. To me. It is a crap mod.

  13. Well then, that auger wagon certainly does have a few little quirks you have to get used to.. one being it's not so much an auger wagon as it is a high velocity seed cannon! Definitely glad you left that whole series of amusing events in, MrSealyP!

    Regarding the opportunity with Ursus, we are in talks with them now to see if we can acquire some sort of equipment or support from them for our project helping to save a farm in their region. Can't say too much at the moment but I'm pretty sure we can work something in with them and do you a solid on something tractor wise, MrSealyP! I'll be in touch soon with more details!!

    On an out of character note this all really did come about by chance, no word of a lie there. I'd been aching to play a Polish map around the time MrSealyP started Rassvet and liked the look and feel of Lubelska Dolina, based off the map info on ModHub it's located in the Lublin region of Poland and being the inquisitive type I started doing some research in the area and general agriculture in Poland. I found out that area shares a border with Ukraine and, among other companies, Ursus SA actually has headquarters in the Lublin region! So much interesting info out there!

    Excellent episode as usual, MrSealyP!!

  14. Another great episode. In regards to what you mentioned, about not everyone liking the let's play.

    It's like you once said, you cannot please everyone. I'm personally enjoying the lets play. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

  15. Theres an early riser mod that you can hook together with a frame. Used it, decent rig. I agree with you on the db120 though. The load point for fert is all wrong.

  16. I’m sorry about the comment about the db120. I didn’t mean to sound rude there, I was just trying to be helpful.

  17. I’ve been using the service trailers lately where you “lease” the trailer with whatever you want already in it and it fills like a pallet when you are next to it. They work quite well for me.

  18. i think the map maker needs to go over the map again personally as i grabbed a seeder and 9rx and got stuck in mud well i was pulling to hard i guess and then black no picture nothing blank i hit switch button and was in a tractor i couldnt see the one i was in but it showed in the shop but it was gone like barmuda triangle whoosh gone i sold it but couldnt find after it went blank while trying to get out of mud so yeah map maker or someone should go over the map to maybe find whats going on with heavy drag the map is good just minor issue/ also we should talk about your cowboy remark boy's get a rope hahahahahaha

  19. Most farmers won’t really forget that sort of stuff. Not the ones I’ve worked for anyway. Usually it’s cityslickers with zero farming experience who think about those things 😉

    The Universal clearly has more power than it’s supposed to have. The Ursus is accurate though.

  20. I think your physics is theoretically correct🤣, but you can have a 500hp sports car and a 400hp truck, and we both know the the sports car will never in its life pull 30 or 40 tons! Interesting torque-ing point? 😂…. Love your work P keep it up! 🍻

  21. I don’t think the L3 refill issues has got anything to do with the map. Because I had the same issue in no man’s land but it wasn’t causing the same issue with you. What I had was if there is a full ibc close to a half empty one it was filling that ibc and when the half empty one was full then it started filling the other one. It was really annoying. A constant liquid refilling sound. At some point I managed to fix it but by doing what I’m not sure. I tried a lot of things back to back and one of them solved the issue. I believe it is a mod collision though.

  22. Great episode altogether, quick question not rassvet related. With seasons inbuilt i to fs22 does anybody think when doing contracts ,you'll be able to keep the straw swath when doing so ,as you can when doing seasons at the moment but not in the base game?


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