RAVENSBERG LET'S PLAY SETUP – Farming Simulator 19 Let's Play FS19


A behind-the-scenes look at setting up my next Let’s Play series – Ravensberg. As I transition from Pineapple Bay, I thought some might be interested in seeing just what I do to get started for a series.

RAVENSBERG LET’S PLAY SETUP – Farming Simulator 19 Let’s Play FS19

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Farming Simulator 19 by Giants Software

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  1. After seen your Claas harvester, I when to the store and bought the Platnum pack worth every penny with all the Claas equipment

  2. Hi Harv,
    do you know if is there a way to autorefill cowshed with straw, wcs, silage, etc…, instead of load every product from silo and unload?
    Thanks in advance

  3. Very nice setup video!
    I would like to install Lizard Cowshed (with trees and water supply) you used in this video but I cannot find everywhere.
    Can you provide a link?
    Thank you so much.

  4. so your going to be using the claas well we better no see any fendt's or we will take a out a claas action law suit against you……………………………………………………..that was terrible im sorry ………………couldnt resist tho

  5. Claas is the make of choice for me as well given the option. It tends to only be later on in my maps that i can afford them though. Not so sure about the central Europe simplified geo. That sets everything in easy mode. Probably makes sense for a streamer lets play but for a normal game it removes to much of the seasons challenge. Nice vid Harv.

  6. that's just awsome of you, transparent all the way, nothing to hide for the viewers. That's why we love watching your videos Harv!


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