SIX ASHES #27 / LOSING 1st CUT! / Farming Simulator 19 PS5 Let’s Play FS19.


SIX ASHES #27 / LOSING 1st CUT! / Farming Simulator 19 PS5 Let’s Play FS19. Map by: GBModding. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. It’s time for some 1st cut grass. I’m putting it into the silage clamp, but the weather has other ideas. Just how much will I lose?

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  1. This is what im talkin about about ur vids , ive scoured the internet trying to find out what happens with wool from pastures on this map , and mrsealyp pops his head into a shed and solves my problem.
    Always worth a watch .

  2. You could try slowing the time down to real time while collecting the grass to slow down the loss to rain or on the other end of the spectrum, before it turns over to hay.

  3. I play Seasons on all my maps. My main farm is on the Lone Oak Map with a Georgia GEO. I play with a 24 day calendar season. I like to play in Real-Time for most of the day, and when I get to the night time, I just advance the time x120 until 6:00 AM the next day. I try not to do any contract labor after 6 PM because you have to give hire workers overtime in Seasons. However, in my experience, thus far, most jobs if you do not log out of the game come out around 9 AM. Transport jobs on my main farm come out usually around 6 AM.

    I agree about having fun. However, I would add "take your time."

    Seasons does make the game more realistic, and part of that realism is that you have a year to do the work. You can pace yourself out.

    I wanted to pass on some information about Chickens in Season, at least on my map, The Cornish Cross (M) tend to be free at a certain point in the year, around mid-summer. Then I buy 10 at a time. So they grow to about 7 lbs which you can sell for $7.00 or a dollar per pound. The Cornish Cross takes about two months to mature. I stacked my production line to 10 so each week, I can take them to market for a steady Price. Then in the spring when the price of the chickens goes high for the year, I add the other Male chickens in which gives a nice Price. The eggs I sell every day. This tends to be around 21 liters of eggs per day. The Lone Oak map uses a Community type system for the map so the animal areas are common pens. However, they all have a 500 animal capacity which is quite high.

    This is my first year for the farm and had plan 3 years to get the farm running. I applied for a 3-year government subsidy program, which had been accepted. The first year is the most expensive period for a farm and when everything will probably go wrong. However, I have my winter crops in the ground, [Canola, Oats], and will plant my fist cotton in year 2 come the first day of early spring. My plan makes the winter crops the cash crops. However, the labor in year 1 made it so my crop rotation gives the cotton, my main crop has a 1.20 yield.

    The precision mod has been wonderful for me.

    With the straw, I just put the raw straw in a silo [500,000 liters] capacity. Then I just turn them into bales, pellets, or feed as the day calls for it. With the straw pellets, I painted out a strip of white sand on the ground and use an 8000-liter tip trailer to pour out the material on the ground. Then I use the pellet or bale machine to make the product I want to market. I only sell 3 pallets [2000 liters per pallet] a day. This way, the product makes money every day of the year, but I can then go to the best price available on the market for that day.

    I prefer to silo my straw, hay, wheat, oats to act as a reserve and not sell the raw material right away to avoid flooding the market with product.

    This way, the farm is generating income every day.

    I have not found a way to make hey production and grass production better other than mow grass fields. My solution, currently, is to wait for my open fields to harvest them in the first week of Early Autumn, then, I am going to square the fields off and plant real grass on them so I can get the survey done on those fields and get the best yield in Year 2. I think the best thing to do is put the grass into a [500,000 liter] silo which is only 1 slot then I can make silage, hey on the fly. The Silage Silo or Chaff Silos only need to be 10 percent filled which my map has 3 silos. The silo on the farm can fill 1,000,000 liters of chaff. I use the BioPlant Silos as a reserve.

    On my map, it takes 4 weeks to make silage. And it takes the grass 4-weeks to regenerate. So, you only really get 2 good harvests and a 3rd if you get lucky. However, I find the first harvest is more than enough for the farm, and the second harvest period is just a bonus. This way, if I get a 3rd harvest and it should snow before I can harvest, I only lose the price for the cultivation of the field, but the field still benefits from that yield.

    Thank you

  4. Have you tried the West Newton farm console?? I tried mowing first on land own field when cutting the grass it hard to see what been cut and uncut, yes it was ready to harvest.

  5. Fun fact! In real life these Schuitemaker pickup trailers (a Dutch brand, not particularly proud) are dreadful. The chaffing 'knifes' are actually blunt. So they more like axes then knifes. Terrible. Take a lot of HP to be operated. More then similar wagons from different brands that do use sharp knifes.

  6. I'm playing on 6 ashes without any GEO mods since 40 in-game days ish, and I just noticed that I've never had a drop of rain!!! Is it really an English map ???
    Great video, one more time MrSealyp. Cheers for that 👍

  7. Suggestion: When using a Loading Wagon, try dropping the nose of the wagon to get the pick-up closer to the ground. You are less likely to miss bits of swath that way. And there are two maybe three wagons that will pick up in reverse so long as the missed bits are not far from the picker,

  8. Love the fertilizer then manure , but your yield will be lower after the first the cut and on because the crop rotation. Grass on grass on grass.Your yield will not be as great in seasons sir. Great video as always , have a great day, thank you

  9. I know your struggle on grass I lost 60,000L in a very short amount of time in clear weather which is insane. Love your videos you do great word 👍👍

  10. I represent cassidy ag and i would like to give you a load of hay to try it out it is new type of grass seed and would love your input on the feed qualities 😉

  11. With seasons rain only washes away grass, hay or straw. Once you put your grass into silage pit it turns into chaff, which seasons does not touch, even if you picked it up and dumped outside of the pit.

  12. I just started season on the alpine map for the first time and I was wondering about if it needs to be covered or not. From what I can tell so far it does not as it’s chaff and not grass but it’s cool to see me as a new person to the game have the same thoughts as an expert 😀

  13. You should upgrade and purchase udder farm. Surprised you did not go with the big self propelled mower with all the grass you have.

  14. @40:25: The Class Xerion is available in a version where the whole cab can be turned around, and you can do the "mow & row" in one pass as well. Even consider using a triple mower with windowing capacity and pull the loading wagon behind the tractor! Or pull the fastbale round baler! That would be some efficient setups….

  15. Grass and Hay is very frustrating with Seasons, half the grass has disintegrated by the next day and grass bales keep disintegrating even while in a “Seasons” shed

  16. My paranormal happenings on Six Ashes is waiting for one more growth state for horsegrass to make horse silage and as I am harvesting barley on a newly bought field both horse grass fields owned by me were somehow harvested!?!

  17. And so the best laid plans of a hay maker ,often go to to pot, LOL!! Rain UGH! .Never enough time in a farmers day! Great vid ! Great series!

  18. My Golden rule: I NEVER have enough hay or silage. Especially if I’m doing dairy. Straw is easier but the other two I always run out of.

    Looking at the Xerion with the mowers it’s actually pretty close to a Big M in both looks and power.

  19. One can only imagine the hardship of real (small) farmers! Starting to rain when it was not expected, crops getting lost, bad harvest, destructive insects, machinery having technical issues, harsh government regulations. Not to forget, all the misery you may have with personnel/helpers. FS19 is merely a cast of reality. I agree with your remark of yesterday MrSealyP, it is a great game, with all kinds of details we take for granted. But imagine the effort and sorrow real farmers go through for getting our food on the table!! We are so spoiled, are not we?

  20. In danger of sounding boring here,but my favourite job is actually grass work. There is something very therapeutic about it. Anywho keep it up.

  21. Evening all. I just started a start from scratch on six ashes, without season tho. It's a great map. Also playing on little norton on the sheep farm and stables.

  22. See it from the bright side MrSealyP. It's also raining on the neighbors dry hay and the sun is shining and still casting shadows! Haha

  23. The huge dairy farm by me just usually get contractors in, they usually mow, windrow and then have a forage harvester with a team of tractor&trailors non stop carting to the clamp,, usually by 3rd but they do a lot of baling, absolutely love watching them, but not as much as I enjoy your vids mr sealy p 👌👌🚜

  24. Wow I've got a week off work and you drop another video.
    Excellent as always and still enjoying the content.
    I've got nearly 300 hours on this map and still enjoying it, I have moved North to God's country, Yorkshire.
    The weather is better and I've finally managed to get wheat to grow on field 51.
    Keep up the good work.

  25. have some Respect for a maried man! @lucaJoannJoan
    @rosaCesidCesi you do many harm to every channel
    sorry Seal bosses noting was sait about the girls . another six Ashes episode from MrSealyP 🙂👍🏻
    take look at Laura farms, have good one MrSealyP 🙂👍🏻

  26. As you said when talking about the colour of grass in seasons, I was collecting what I thought was hay by its colour but it loaded as grass, I wasn’t aware the colours are different in seasons, so thanks for the info.

  27. Playing six ashes now and love this map. I lost my 2nd cut as I was trying to make hay and letting it dry. Nope we got rain. So I had to buy my hay. That's ok cause it adds some more realism to the game. Years ago in real life we didn't make as much hay as we needed so that was the only year we had to buy hay to feed horses. Anyways just my little story. Thanks for all your time and videos. Enjoy listening to your stories


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