TOP 10 TIPS FOR BEGINNERS – Farming Simulator 22


How do you start off in a game that has SO much going on? Follow these 10 tips to get you rolling into a profitable farm!

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  1. New farmer here… I just started yesterday… and bought a bunch of sheep lol rookie mistake? xD spent 1h figuring out how to give them water… Jesus lol

  2. Another tip I had this problem with 19 I got bored because I wasn’t growing fast enough in my opinion but once you hit a certain point you grow very fast so just keep going you’ll get to where you want to be eventually And when I figured that out I liked the game so much that I pre-ordered 22 and it’s one of my favorite games

  3. Do bees…no feeding and helps crop bonuses. Sell the honey which is free.I got 96 grand from 1 load on fladbed
    Easy peasy..sell main house set up trailer n plow all the land which can b planted for more yield.
    Basic clean slat from get go.just a way I started.made 1 Hugh ass field out of the 4 on land.peace.

  4. I’m so lost trying to play. I’ve been watch FC and finally decided to buy this game because I fell in love with it but….I have no idea what to do. The tutorial isn’t much help. Can someone point me in a direction?

  5. Hi I am start to play today but noticed they no name I was looking for the grain shop buy can not found it on the map

  6. Bees are no work other than move the pallet from the spawn point.. Also how are you meant to know what to sell if you don't know what stuff does or what it's for like the bunker silo and hay loft.

  7. I would not recommend selling the truck. They can actually do some of the farming jobs like spreading fertilizer and lime and planting seeds.

  8. Take as big as loan as you can, buy out as much land, lease equipment till you can buy it, borrow vehicles from contracts but don't actually do them. Invest all in your own land

  9. It might be more beneficial to start on farm manager if you wanna sell everything, it basically just let's you create your own beginning


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