TOP 15 Awesome Upcoming SIMULATION Games | 2022 & 2023


Top Upcoming Simulation games 2022 & 2023 – New Amazing Upcoming Simulation & Building Games 2022 – Best Upcoming Simulation Games 2021 & Beyond

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  1. the Sims 5 as a multiplayer game brings back awful memories of The Sims Online. that turkey was NOT a real good idea for the reason that EA pulled funding for another game to put that thing out. I've still not forgiven them for that.

  2. Thumbnail female simulator canceled. No modern computer could handle all the constant variables. Female behavior is to complex to replicate nor simulate, even the quantum computers it was tested on went straight to black whole Singulairity. Like the computer just collapsed into itself and poofed out Of existence. It was amazing.
    Figured out how to generate an artificial singularity black whole tho.

  3. I'm waiting on the TOP 15 Awesome Upcoming STIMULATION Games aka What Your Thumbnail Suggests !!!!! Some of these SIMULATION Games make watching paint dry a fun thing ! OMG, the next FUN game….get to choose what color paint(s) you use, wall texture, choose your paint brush style, what house/building, morning/evening light, season, etc – UNLIMITED choices for $99.95 on sale for the 100 years ! limited supply !

  4. many of these games for me looks like garbage, a desperate made games. 2 of them that stood out as something good was the first and the last

  5. Actively, intentionally, and aggressively, targeting a Medic on the field of battle, is a war crime.
    Whoever was targeting that medic in that trailer was making a big mistake.

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  7. Imagine if all these games were put together into a proper 'life simulator' game, where you could have different jobs, etc. There's such a huge demand for such a thing, it makes me surprised that no-one has taken a shot at it yet.

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  9. You left out two excellent mature simulators: A new Medieval King Simulator and a new Crime Simulator, forgot their names, just look it.

  10. sure the riot control simulator will sell. The biggest fans for this game must be Lukashenko, Putin, Mr.Xi and Mr.Kim. Whoever making this game is sick.


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