Top 17 Console Mods I Use Every Time | Farming Simulator 19


In this video I will be showing you the top 17 console mods I use every time I start a new game save. All of these mods are currently available on ModHub.

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Intro 0:16
Case IH Puma CVX With Tracks 0:35
Disable Vehicle Camera Collision 1:26
Government Subsidy 2:27
Farm Tax Sign 2:51
Placeable Sleep Trigger 4:02
Precision Farming 4:59
Tool Height Control For Harvesters 6:07
Lizard Subsoiler 6M 7:31
John Deere 2410 Plow 8:51
Frontattacher 10:24
Multi Filling Station 12:10
Milling Machine 13:02
Great Plains YP-4025A 14:38
Multi Silo Shop 15:41
Lizard Pallet Pack 16:58
TLX 2020 18:14
Front Lifter 20:27
Outro 22:03

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Driver53 Speed Shop – Merch

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  1. A bit late to the party, but the game is on GamePass so trying it out. If anyone struggles searching for the mods, try making the second word lowercase. I couldn't find Tool Height Control mod till I typed just Tool height instead of Tool Height. Not sure why it is nitpicky, but just throwing it out there incase others have trouble like me.
    Thanks for the video, I have downloaded every mod you listed and 30 others lol Huge fan of FS17 myself.

  2. it ruins the game for me to use vehicles, attachments, and storage with magical unrealistic capabilities. I prefer quality of life mods only like adding extra info windows, detailed vehicle physics, and gameplay additions like improved contracts.

  3. Hey mate thanks for the vid and very helpful mods, love the map your playing on but don’t know what it’s called would love if you told me the name of the map please thanks

  4. Thank you I have been looking for something like that for a long time I appreciate you showing that mod I am talking about the plow

  5. You're a case guy huh? I have nothing wrong with it, im a john deere and fendt guy, nice to meet you 🙂

  6. personally i use the 980k wheel loader with a 50k capacity dump truck to load my silage. the wheel loader has 12.5k capacity so it fills the dump truck quickly and the dump truck quickly unloads and is quite powerful. however it only goes 35mph which is kinda slow and the suspension is pretty stiff for some reason

  7. the one time i found the disabled camera collision really annoying is when i was loading silage from inside my sheltered bunker. i had to disable that shit

  8. The farm tax signs mod is not available for ps4 anymore for some reason, I was looking forward for some good no man's land when you recommended the mod, oh well, there goes 40 euro.. imma have to head to computer hahah 😄


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