Unbelievable! Courseplay Is Actually Working! | E2 Oklahoma | Farming Simulator 15


Well this is a changed! Back to Farming Simulator 15 on the one and only Oklahoma map!

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  1. At least FS 19 now has a lot of American equipment . FS 17 not so much. Looks like FS15 you were stuck with the Euro stuff? Really cool video! I am going back to check out some of your FS 17 vids now.

  2. I know how to make maps/do conversions but I just don't have the time to it,I barely have time to play the game it's self. I would only play on this map for the rest of the time fs15 was out and I have missed it so much.

  3. American Eagles Modding and American Style Modding is still around. And Drive Control is what you’re looking for for manual ignition.

  4. Loosing? Never… episode 2 and u still have no planters seeders or tractors… never mind trucks and trailers… hmmm seems like ul be the one going missing lol 😂


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