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Adding Universal Autoload to a Mod trailer –

Autoloading specialisation for flatbed trailers. This automatically modifies the actual base game trailers, and will be applied to any new or existing trailers on your farm. Please see the README file for instructions on adding to your own mod trailers or pallets.

– Loads any compatible pallet/container types (see list below)
– Installed automatically on any compatible trailers (see list below)
– Load and Unload by selected material or container type
– Can also restrict loading to full pallets only
– Select ‘ALL’ to load mixed types in sequence
– Mixed pallets are loaded in size order for best packing efficiency
– Can interact with trailers when player is on foot (even when not attached to a vehicle)

Special Features for ‘KRONE Trailer Profi Liner’
– Load/Unload only available on the side that curtain is open
– Rear loading directly from forklift
– Rear door and curtain can be opened and closed by player on foot

Configured for the following container types:
– BigBags
– BigBag Pallets
– Euro Pallets
– IBC Liquid Tanks
– Square Bales
– Potato Boxes (requires mod: Seed Potato Pack)

Configured for the following trailers:
– Brantner DD 24073/2 XXL (bale trailer)
– Bremer Transportwagen TP 500 S
– BÖCKMANN MH-AL 4320/35
– Demco Steel Drop Deck
– Farmtech DPW 1800 (standard)
– Fliegl DTS 5.9
– KRONE Trailer Profi Liner
– Kröger PWO 24 (standard)
– LODE KING Renown Drop Deck
– Welger DK 115 (bale trailer)

Configured for the following vehicles:
– Lizard Pickup 1986
– Lizard Pickup 2017
– Mahindra Retriever
– JohnDeer XUV865M

Game Farming Simulator 22
Manufacturer None
Category Gameplay
Author loki_79
Size 58 KB
Released 11.04.2022
Platform PC/MAC

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  1. I tried this today using the latest version, it didn't work with several different vehicles and pallet types. It doesn't recognize there are loadable items half the time, and even when it does there is never option to load.

  2. Try last version. Mod went from bad to worse. Nothing works anymore… Mat type gone. pallets choose from euro or All. haha. is ridiculous. I uninstalled this trash. Nice video. At the time u made it mod was ok. Now Autoload specialization is way more functional. Feels bad

  3. Do you know how to get this work with the Armoire furniture pallets in the Platinum Edition? I’m running the Silverrun Forest map on PC. Also, I do not have the ability to pick and choose which pallet to load. I have to pick all EuroPallets, then come back with an empty truck and pick up the next type of pallet. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  4. this seems to conflict with base game autoload??? or I don't know what… some trailers have operating position and transporting position, i can load em but not unload em?? anyone else have an issue like this and isolated the problem?

  5. Nice mod but still….. Can you tell me why palletautoloader specialization mod does not work anymore? Non of my autoload trailer or other autoload equipment can use autoload anymore. After the latest update from Giants.

  6. This is great for mixing items. The only problem is that it seems to require a manual trigger to pick up from the ground. That makes field collection of bales with Courseplay a non-starter. In fact, neither Universal Autoload or Pallet Autoload specialization will give a percentage of the load. Everything defaults to 100% the second you pick up one thing. Courseplay uses the percentage amount in the trailer to trigger autodrive to take over and deliver the load to the barn. If you are collecting bales, this is critical. By skipping the percentage calculation, these autoload mods don't allow Courseplay to trigger Autodrive when they are full in the field collecting bales. They will just run around in the field will a full load… trying to collect more.

  7. The "F1 Help Menu" is one of the worst, if not.. THE worst UI's I've ever seen in a "modern" game. There are too many quality mods that depend on this atrocity that are skipped over because Giants can't be bothered with unsexy programming stuff to make their game better. If they don't get wise, and give their modders a platform to work with, than people aren't going to make free mods for them anymore. I'm betting a substantial chunk of their revenue is indirectly gained by a healthy mod presence, much like Skyrim or KSP. Once the modders, stop modding… Giant's free ride is over.

  8. Anyone know if you can set the load to keep loading? For example, at my sugar production, it loads the 5 pallets outside, straps them down, 5 more spawn out of the building because its backed up. Currently i need to unload then load again over and over to keep pulling them. Just curious, other than that, Mod is fantastic!

  9. The issue I have with this mod, is that for Big Bag Pallets, it only loads like 6, and leaves so much space empty. They are added in a row, spread out a lot. Instead of side by side. For Hay/Straw Bales it is nicely grouped together and I can take way more.

  10. Why am I not getting any keybindings when using this mod? I have this mod as the only mod in the mod folder and load a new game and there are no keybindings for the mod? Am I doing something wrong or am I not understanding mods and keybindings? I would have thought that default keybindings would be part of any mod.

  11. Insane mod. Thanksfully to this mod, i deleted all other autoload mods and autoload pallet specialization and cleaned my mods folder a bit, because this is all in one. Great work, 10/10

  12. This is a great mod. don't get me wrong, 82 studios TLX Phoenix is my go too. when it comes to having a mod that does autoloading

  13. Finally. I was new to FS for 19 and never understood why there was not an autoload like this where everything just worked. Thank you for highlighting this mod.

  14. Hi FK. I have been using both types of AL as I feel they compliment each other with different capabilities for different situations. The UAL has some limitations which are a bit annoying such as needing to be stationary and having to turn it back on after every loading whilst the PAL cannot split pallet or fill types but you can leave it turned on next to a factory and it will just scoop those pallets up whilst I am out driving a tractor. Each autoloader fills the "gaps" in the other one. The UAL has been a bit sketchy at times, will pick up a load and then not detect the pallets on the next load. The real appeal of this mod is ease of installation in other equipment. PAL can be a bit of a nightmare to install

  15. This is awesome! Game changer. No need to have several different (autoload)trailers anymore. Love that you can set it to only pick up full.

  16. Looks really easy to use! Having all the base game stuff already configured is also great. I got something in the works that might be even better though 🙂

  17. Great looking mod. One question, is it possible to select what you unload, as you might have multiple drop off points?

  18. I feel like I'm missing something, I added the mod to my mods folder, but it doesn't come up in my mod menu in game, its like I never put it in the mods folder. Any ideas?

  19. Amazing mod, do you know if we should disable the other autoload mod as it might interefere with the Universal Autoload. ?


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