1100 HP JOHN DEERE!!! – Mod Review for 2/17/2021 – Farming Simulator 19


Daily review of all the newly released mods on the Farming Simulator 19 ModHub! I review mods for all platforms, and mods for PC/MAC players only. Enjoy!

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0:00 – Intro
0:43 – Mod Updates
1:08 – New Map!
1:16 – Enhanced Bunker Silo
1:52 – Pickup F1000 Brazil
4:08 – Genie S-60 Telescopic Boom
6:50 – Big Bud 450 1990
9:03 – John Deere 8650
13:05 – MP-Lift Shovel Pack
14:33 – Pickup Hitch For Claas Jaguar Forager
16:13 – Electric Chainsaw
16:55 – Selfmade Fendt Weights Pack
17:22 – Offset Mass Holder
18:37 – Tools Pack
21:27 – Zunhammer FANT
22:41 – Metaltech WP8
23:59 – LIZARD ATF-1330
25:53 – Lizard GAISI-36/48
28:24 – Lizard 8 Bale Trailer
29:09 – Camara PF65
30:48 – Pöttinger TOP Pack
32:22 – Concrete Blocks Pack
33:23 – Garage

Enhanced Bunker Silo:

Pickup F1000 Brazil:

Genie S-60 Telescopic Boom:

Big Bud 450 1990:

John Deere 8650:

MP-Lift Shovel Pack:

Pickup Hitch For Claas Jaguar Forager:

Electric Chainsaw:

Selfmade Fendt Weights Pack:

Offset Mass Holder:

Tools Pack:

Zunhammer FANT:

Metaltech WP8:


Lizard GAISI-36/48:

Lizard 8 Bale Trailer:

Camara PF65:

Pöttinger TOP Pack:

Concrete Blocks Pack:


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  1. My only problem with the John Deere is the fact that neither autodrive nor courseplay seem to work with it. I often run multiple pieces of equipment at a time and not having this tractor work with even the base helpers is a bit annoying this late into the game.

  2. New series, New mods
    Why didn’t we get some of these mods that look like they could be for Xbox and PS4

  3. The torque scale is not very high on that JD. I will have to test it out the Flexcoil plow mod to see if it can pull it.

  4. I enjoy your mod demonstrations because sometimes a mod’s function isn’t exactly obvious.
    Thank you for your service in law enforcement. I don’t believe you and your colleagues generally receive the appreciation you deserve.

  5. @Farmer Cop have you seen the mountable attacher in the modhub really useful. i used it on the ape three wheeler


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