30 MODS I Can't Live Without – Farming Simulator 19 – FS19 tips


My subscribers frequently as me what mods I use. By request, this video showcases the 30 mods I can’t live without.

Mod List: Harv’s World and want to help support the channel? You can do that here: you’re intersted, you can find Harv’s World clothing and 3D Printed merchandise here: – can participate in the Harv’s World Community on my Discord and media pages, here:Discord – – – – HOW TO BACK UP Tools & Trailers – Farming Simulator 19 – FS19 Backing TutorialFarming Simulator 19 by Giants Software#FarmingSimulator19 #HarvsWorld #fs19mods #fs19tips



  1. Im almost identical on my mods, but the 2 that ive never seen are the vehical stap and axle locker, what fantastic mod addons. I to give a huge thanks to all the modders for their time and effort to make my game play more enjoyable. Great vid, Cheers Harv 😉 new sub here!

  2. Hey Harv (and everyone else!)!

    I recently spun up a dedicated server for my buds and I to farm on. I installed a bunch of mods (most of which I had known about from this channel) but the server suffered terrible stuttering/lag. Works fine with no mods.

    My question is this: are there any mods that are known to cause problems in multiplayer?

  3. Can you get the horse helpers mod to ride your horses on Xbox? Really struggling to find the mods that you keep pointing out! When I do a search, it just comes up with no result! Ahhhhhh

  4. is there any such mod for fs19 that would limit availability of certain items. – I mean in the real world not every farm supply store sells everything. I think it would be cool to be able to ORDER things not in stock and then have to wait a certain time to then go pick it up. I'm into tabletop rpg's (yes, the old pencil and paper games) and I could come up with somthing that I could roll dice on to determine if something isn't available right away and then randomly determine when I can come back to "pick it up"

  5. Haha I love how you say the names of who created the mods to make sure they get credit. I went and downloaded most of the ones you listed although the mod site is hard to search so I had to get links through google.. it seems like you have to search by modder rather than by mod. I'm mostly commenting because I'm not sure if the Workshop Tabber mod still works? I downloaded/installed it but I go to the workshop and get no option to tab and tab does nothing.. I tried a tractor with two attachments and it didn't allow me to tab. Is there something that needs to be done to "Activate" it?

  6. I use most of those but the tool box one isn't one of them. I use one that you just walk up to your vehicle or implement or whatever can be repaired and hit a key and it gives you the repair/customize menu. Really nice if you want to play as if you were the one working on your vehicle. Nice thing is that you don't have to place anything which is even less of a footprint than the toolbox mod.

  7. The modding community gives Farming Simulator life. If modding wasn't featured, this game would've been dead long ago.

    When 11 year old me found out about mods when playing FS11 my mind was blown into the forth dimention xD
    Some of my most treasured childhood memories where made during Farming Simulator LAN-parties with my friends. And the amazing machines, maps and scripts made by other fans were always a part of it.

  8. I am looking for a mod where I could keep my vehicle in a straight line all I had to do is press a couple of buttons and the vehicle stay in a straight line until I move the vehicle manually but I cannot remember what the mod is but I do know it’s not the GPS or the cruise control can anyone help me?

  9. I do have difficulties with the Map Object Hider by Royal Modding. When I want to remove a object such as a silo or cart etc. and I click on the subject only certain parts are removed, if I continue more of the components are erased, but some parts do not disappear, for instance wheels or the roop of the silo. Help please

  10. How can you move items you placed in spots to different spots. I placed my power washer in front of my shed and now it blocks one entrance in the shed. I am new to this game and been watching your tutorials. I need to move power washer to another location.

  11. Harv, Have followed many videos in the last few months by you…always appreciated and not to mention often hilarious, I swear you've been smoking some of that grass you have been harvesting ;p

  12. My favorite part/hack about the Store Deliveries mod is that when I am doing contracts and I need to borrow the equipment (if I do not have my own or they are also in use), that if I go to the field where the contract is, I set the store to deliver there, then I click borrow items on the contract then the store will auto delivers the vehicles and equipment right to that field and I think it does not charge delivery fees when borrowing items for contracts. This saves so much time so I do not have to drive all the vehicles needed for job to the field. Especially on big maps. (even though I do use and love FollowMe all the time except for this).


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