"Almosta Farm" New Mod Map Tour in Farming Simulator 19


NEW MOD MAP FOR FARMING SIMULATOR 19! This is a tour of the new mod map in Farming simulator 19 called Almosta Farm. This map was created by Cazz64.

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Map created by: Cazz64
Link to Map:

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0:00 – Intro
1:57 – Map Tour
21:47 – Map Fly Over

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  1. Cazz64 has a map combining 4 maps its called AlmostaRusticTaylorsHawkesBay very very big map i played it but to big for single player lol. He does great work. Glad to see he on Modhub

  2. Seeing this map I thought a ride around on a horse would be fun. I missed the tunnel and the area by the dairy but am impressed by this map.

  3. If interested cazz64 HAS this map and rustic acres and taylors farm and 1 other map combined on a 4x map on papasmurfs mod site.(PC only though).

  4. I'm betting the mystery crop was being made in that empty forest clearing. It's pretty close to the suspiciously named "it's all legal mill". They must have seen Farmer Cop coming and packed up the whole operation.

  5. Use the easy dev tool and go to where you can spawn in items. Should be able to see any new items. I use it to drop mud for mudding. Haha


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