Alpine Farming Expansion DLC – Mod Review of Equipment – Farming Simulator 19


NEW DLC FOR FARMING SIMULATOR 19!! This is a mod review of all the equipment in the new Alpine Farming Expansion DLC by GIANTS. Enjoy!

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  1. Love the review. in real life, those spiked wheels (on the push mower) would also aerate the sod (it's not something that's commonly done but is good for the sod and soil). good vids, man

  2. I have to uninstall few mods from modhub to make enough space for any mods in future because this dlc has some similar mods. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Also remove some useless mods to for dlc equipments which almost useful. 😀

  3. 👍. Good review. One thing that’s a little disappointing. Is all the mods in this dlc are all ready in mod hub so nothing new there. The map looks pretty good.

  4. I'm still torn if I get the dlc. The graphics on my laptop for fs19 are not very good. It lags a bit also. The alpine map looks to nice to ruin with my computer


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