Antonio Carraro Pack DLC (First Look) | Farming Simulator 22


Antonio Carraro Pack DLC (First Look)

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0:00 – Intro
0:35 – SuperTigre 635
1:43 – Tigrecar 3200 GST
3:19 – TTR 4400
4:38 – TTR 7600 Infinity
6:39 – TGF 10900R
7:45 – Tony 10900 TR
8:37 – Tony 10900 SR
9:35 – Tony 10900 TTR
10:30 – Mach 2R
11:43 – Mach 4R
12:27 – Outro

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  1. Welcome to the First Look at the upcoming Antonio Carraro DLC for Farming Simulator 22! The DLC is available now for preorder, and releases on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022. If you have the Year 1 Season Pass, you will be getting the DLC included with your pass. If you are on PC and would like to preorder the DLC, click here!
    Check out other ways to use the new equipment here! –

  2. I don’t do a lot of vineyard work but very cool to see tractors that look completely different to what I’m used to.

  3. I’m honestly kinda excited about this DLC, I like small tractors, I can’t wait to see how much weight they can actually pull, like a fully loaded X52 with stones maybe 🤔….

  4. Unfortunately I had to restart my game after the bail glitch. On that game save all these would have had their use. That being said at some point I'll be back to that level and these tractors will be a welcome chance to what is in have currently. Great video DJ keep up the great work you do!

  5. Thx for sharing….not much to use in this power range with them….half worthless….thanks Giants. Appreciate that. Can we get some bug fixes for animals on Erlengrat?

  6. I appreciate the outstanding 3D modeling done by Giants here, I just think new grape equipment would have "sold" this DLC more.

    There are several Italian brands that specialize in vineyard equipment that could have complimented this pack perfectly.

  7. Can't wait to see you use these in all your videos dj. You was just this excited about the fs19 potato 🥔 dlc. Go garden tractors go.

  8. I like the Antonio Carraro Pack. I liked their tractors before farm sim, so it is great that this is included. This pack may not be for everyone, but that is the beauty of DLCs and Farming Simulator – you get to virtually experience many different machines. I will be downloading and utilizing these machines. Thanks for sharing.


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