Elmcreek Preview: New US map in Farming Simulator 22


Elmcreek is inspired by the US Midwest region and offers large fields and vast open space to build your farms on. Look forward to numerous fields with varying shapes and sizes, and watch Senior Level Designer Florian Busse from GIANTS Software give you a preview of the new map.

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  1. We need bigger maps have a town on the corners of the map and a city in the middle and have highways and small roads going too each one dont even care if its a 100GB game aslong as we get the simulation of being a farmer

  2. You knobs should hire people from snowrunner .
    The fact that there’s still no mud realistic water physics and 3D ground textures in this game is honestly embarrassing

  3. Hello friends, that is farming simulator 22 and very nice big area. I like that. (UK-wheelchair user and deaf)

  4. Me and my friend plan on using this, its gonna be quite a change from Greenwich, but i hope we will have fun on it

  5. Kinda bummed. The draw distance is as bad at 19…so what EXACTLY is "new" for 22? After 3 years I was expecting more I guess. Sure the intro scene is HD but the game looks kinda weak…just my opinion of course.

  6. Someone needs to come to the US and take some pics of houses, barns, etc…. Cause the in game ones in the so called US map. Still look europeon….. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  7. They need to make an Australian farming map
    And add more 4×4 vehicles to recover things in creeks and add winches to vehicles to drag stuck or bogged things free

  8. Man this looks like a wonderful base map for the game. Plus you know it’s gonna have all the new ways you can change wheat into flour and so on… can’t wait! Wish it was releasing sooner!

  9. Looks like for many of US players, the game will be played a little and then shelved for several months while waiting on mod maps. I gotta have room!!! Give those John Deere 9Rs a chance to stretch their legs. Give me a field that takes a couple days to harvest in real life.

  10. beautiful map nice that there are squares of fields and also with curved sides usually it is only straight or only curved

  11. "Adjust the field shape, so the helpers are of use to you."
    So basically they've not improved helper AI and anything other than a perfect square will result in helpers stuck in trees and completing their task after one pass.

  12. For PC games what is the best graphics card for this game. The one they have listed was out in September 6th, 2012


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