Farm Sim News! Missing Semi Truck, JD Gator, First Looks, & Terra Life! | Farming Simulator 19


Farm Sim News – November 21, 2020
“Missing Semi Truck, JD Gator, First Looks, & Terra Life!”
FSNews FS19 – Farming Simulator 19

0:00 – Farm Sim News
0:10 – Today’s Top Stories
0:50 – John Deere Gator!
1:28 – International Transtar Removed!
1:46 – TLX9000 Is So Beautiful!
2:20 – Even More New Semi Trucks! Yes!
2:51 – Massey 4700 Release!
3:38 – New Holland T5!
3:56 – Krone Easy Cut Pack!
5:06 – Farmtech Durus 2000 With Tracks!
5:26 – Meier Family Modding’s Next Mod!
5:56 – TerraLife Bags for Everything!
6:25 – Petro Farm Buy and Sell Points!
7:01 – SMI Vineyard Project!
7:50 – Mod Release Dates & Recap!
8:18 – Outro
8:48 – I’m tired bro.

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  1. International doesn't give a s*** if you use their logo The company doesn't even exist anymore all it's case international there is no international harvester anymore What do you mean someone can claim the interior that makes no sense that somebody being a pouty little b** because they didn't come up with the mod themselves

  2. It's missing but if you already had it downloadedIt won't pop up in semis anymore or on your mod hub but if you go to installed and scroll the whole way back you'll see it you can still select it in your your load order and use it in your game just don't uninstall the mod until it comes back

  3. My dad uses rye and a pea vech rye grass mix in his cover crop. It's used to improve the yield and to improve the soil. It's just like the oilseed radishes you just no-till into it.

  4. Man. Like I get it, you want credit for the work you did. But is it really a big enough deal to ruin it for everybody else? We all really loved that truck.

  5. I can't believe that the international truck was pull off the mod hud im glad i download it i don't know why someone reported it i thought the moder had permission to used the truck name but in really enjoyed tge new mods we be getting though

  6. For the people asking about the MN millennial farmer map. Mappers paradise said that it's no longer coming to console and most likely no update to pc and he said no more mods coming.

  7. I hope raulycristi1 gets his awesome truck back on the mod hub I love it and still enjoying it but want to be able to use it on the series x when I get one


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