Farm Sim News! Toy Hauler, TLX9000 Upgrades, & More Factories! OH MY! | Farming Simulator 19


Farm Sim News – December 8, 2020
“Toy Hauler, TLX9000 Upgrades, & More Factories! OH MY!”
FSNews FS19 – Farming Simulator 19

0:00 – Farm Sim News
0:10 – Today’s Top Stories
1:10 – PC Mods In Testing
1:44 – Console Mods In Testing
3:00 – New Mods Out Now!
3:08 – Precision Farming!
4:57 – Modder Help!
5:22 – Giveaway #8!
6:01 – Toy Hauler by Lance!
6:49 – TLX9000 Upgrade!
7:25 – Dirty Plager Outlaw!
8:01 – Claas Xerion 4000/5000!
8:22 – Trailer With Crane?
8:47 – Lizard GL Trailer 22!
8:57 – Put Horses In It!
9:05 – Killercrock & 4D!?
9:39 – Lizard Farmline Missing!
10:21 – More New Factories!
10:38 – ArtMaster Update!
11:10 – New From MissyB!
11:48 – Blue Mtn. & Bucks Co!
12:33 – Meadowgrove Progress!
13:02 – New Crop on Chellington!
13:19 – Mod Release Dates & Recap!
13:48 – Outro
14:20 – I forgot what I said

New Mods Today –
Mods In Testing –
News Mods List –
Giants Giveaway –
Precision Farming –
Lance Modding –
82 Studio –
CNH Modding –
CMT Software –
Agro Tonho –
Slutjes Modding –
Adub Modding –
Killercrock88 –
Agro Mods –
Shaba –
Shaba YT –
VSR Sur –
MissyB –
Nathan6930 –
OxygenDavid –

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  1. Sometimes I wish FSNews didn't take 4 hours to create lol BUT today the wait is worth it, I promise! 😉
    New Mods! John Deere 8960, Precision Farming DLC, & More! (23 Mods) –
    Today's Live Stream Pre chat will be up a few minutes after this video goes public!

  2. Hey there Mr. DJGoham. . . . .awesome videos. Is there anyone of these "modding" outfits that you personally talk to??? i was wondering if there was a way that someone could put a Thrush/Airtractor/Agcat crop dusting spray planes, with full functioning flight control surfaces & real flight dynamics, also with any or all ground equpiment needed to load the hopper bays with liquid & dry chemicals for aerial field application, with aircraft hanger & runway????? also the same for any type of American crop dusting helicopters with full, real, helicopter flight controls & flight dynamics with spray booms for aerial field applications as well????

    Please lemme know what ya can do or by talking w8th someone to put tuese ideas in their heads for those of us who love to fly. Thankya for your time. Seeya later. PEACE!!!

  3. Hey DJ how are you able to see that circle around your soil sampler. I don’t see that when I am using the dlc. I’m on Ps4. Pls help!! Thanks 🙏

  4. Anyone on console having issues confirming load animals at the dealer? Updated seasons and downloaded the International truck and that’s it or new 1s

  5. Will the outlaw be available for console or only pc/Mac option. It will be nice if we have better options for trucks like the pc versions

  6. well i will try to translate the situation of the farmline so i already apologize for the errors because i will be using the google translator the situation and the following agro mods received an email from gigants informing the report of a player then agro mods explained that the mod was allowed and that the models used to make the mod were allowed then after 3 days the giants removed it from the modhub and explained on their facebook that the model was allowed and that the booth was from a website of a free 3d model FREE then any model taken from it it was only necessary to check the original owner who gave ok also then it was totally in vain to denounce and withdraw the modhub and again I'm sorry for the mistakes because I am Brazilian and the only way and using the google translator they hope that understanding and twisting back to the mod hub

  7. one thing i hope comes in next fms game/simulator is a option in the settings to adjust mirrors cause every one has there own way they like there mirrors to be angled

  8. 😡👎 another copyright are you kidding me these people need to stop claiming and keep their mouth shut. I mean nowadays people are claiming everything I'm so disgusted.

  9. Think if we have a toy hauler we need some toys lol or at least some faster side by sides, make some jumps for them. Sounds like fun though! Deal with what we have.


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