Farm Tour of our new AGCO grain farm – County of Forty Mile by Camil – EP1


We’re starting a new series with a large scale AGCO grain farm set in Alberta Canada. The map is County by Forty Mile of Camil and we’ll be using Seasons and Precision Farming for realism.

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  1. I hope your going to be using swathing canola game mechanics that Camil has incorporated. Sure see a lot of that here in the prairies

  2. So happy you're doing a full series on this one! Great first ep. I'm looking forward to seeing your take on Courseplay in this larger setting, especially when it comes to harvest. Hope you'll revisit Canfarm again one day too!

  3. I wisch I could have the bourgault pack to bat I have the premium edition but I can't install it I wish someone could help me with so I could have them to

  4. Nice start, Kederk, may I suggest to let AD do the refill for the implements? I always us that, just have to set it for the right waypoints and CP will switch between courses. It is more efficient, cause AD won't have to start from the start point, just from the nearest waypoint, and figure it's way to the selected refill.

  5. Man, Kederk that thumbnail made me think "ah cool we are going on a real life Agco tour", good one buddy! Looks so real.

  6. Being an Alberta map, and being a 'Bertan' myself, I think that geo is a bit "optimistic" in the early spring planting times LOL. But I guess artistic license needs to be taken at times by the map makers to fit the physics of the game and ensure it is playable. I am curious to see how this works for you as I might try it myself if the map seems solid.


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