Farming Simulator 19 – Map First Impression – Lazy Acres Farm

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Welcome to Lazy Acres. Nice square fields from medium to large surround the centrally located main farm, perfect for a relaxing day of farming!
-Two trains running to all sell points on the map
-Additional fruit types: carrot, onion, sorghum, millet, and rye
-All the necessary equipment to plant and harvest additional fruits
-Small forestry area
-Seasons ready
-Precision farming ready

Required mods:

Game Farming Simulator 19
Manufacturer n/a
Category Map
Author TNTmodding
Size 179.47 MB
Released 26.02.2021
Platform PC/MAC, PS4, XB1

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  1. I remember playing the non modhub version of this, ages ago. Fun. Pure fun! Got to give credit to TNTMODDING, he knows how to build nice farm set ups

  2. Another great review. I did notice the animal dealer building had the cattle shoot designed by Temple Grandin. More efficient for moving cattle and less stressful. HBO had a great movie about her.

  3. Hi Klein, Could you help me with seasons? I'm trying to install it but when I enable it on a map seasons says "too many fruits on the ground" how can I fix this?


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