Farming Simulator 22 ᴴᴰ Government Subsidy Sign Mod 🚜 A GBS 5 Minute Mod Review


Farming Simulator 22 ᴴᴰ Government Subsidy Sign Mod 🚜 A GBS 5 Minute Mod Review

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Want a quick and easy way to add $$$ to your FS22 game play without editing xml files? It’s easy, just sign up to the Government and Municipality Subsidy Program and earn fast money. In this less than 5 minute video I’ll show you how.

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  1. This will help a lot, I don't want to overdo it but want enough to get better equipment so I can farm faster. Just feel like it's taking way to long at the moment and since I stream it's making the streams boring… THANKS!!!

  2. Thanks. How do you demolish the sign when playing on Ps4? I get the demolish option, but are unable to use it.

  3. Thank you for showing me where this was. I gave up searching for it yesterday until I came across this video. You are a legend!

  4. THANK YOU. Thank you SO MUCH for showing where to find them. I really wish there was a way when you download mods that they tell you where they go.

  5. It's a good mod in that it makes a money cheat a bit more palatable and you still have to work to get the equipment you want instead of it all being handed to you in one go, I would have liked the option to pay back the loan when you could afford it or at least a percentage of the loan.


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