First Look at The New Contract Types – Early Preview – Platinum DLC – FS22


Thanks to Giants for allowing me to share an early preview of the Platinum DLC with you, in this video we’re going to have a detailed look at the three new types of contact available in the DLC.

0:00 – Intro
2:30 – Tree Transport
7:27 – Deadwood
17:01 – Rock Removal

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First Look at The New Contract Types – Early Preview – Platinum DLC – FS22

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  1. At first I thought why are you putting the logs in the water, making them wet but is the water there to help sail them onto the conveyor?

  2. I'M BACK, BABY!!!
    I got into the codes of the nVidia suite and found that was causing me problems ( as in FS22 won't run). Man I was unhappy – so I fixed it, and I am so happy to get this downloaded!
    The map icons are such a great tool, and I can see this area-effect contract catching on.
    One thing – why do the logs we collect look like lengths of Really Thick dowel?
    I like the Volvo kit.

  3. Just preordered the dlc on my Xbox and it’s not recognizing that I actually own the dlc, is this just because it’s not released yet?

  4. Watched a first look video from daggerwin and he managed to "fit" 5 deadwood trees on that Volvo forwarder. It was not pretty but it did work

  5. As I have said before, with the deer added to the maps, someone needs to make a hunting mod now. However, now with boats being added and water becoming more prevalent we need to add fishing too.

  6. I do hope the base game map for FS24 (or whatever it'll be called) incorporates most of the stuff from the platinum expansion. we SHOULD get at least a 2x, 3x, or 4x map in the base game. that way there are enough fields and forests to deal with.

  7. I was wondering if Courseplay would work well with logging in general, mainly due to the numerous stumps that would be left behind after the trees are cut. I’m guessing the best vehicle would be something small like a skid steer for highest possible mobility but not sure if there are any attachments for them. What are your thoughts FSG?

  8. Well, it is DEADwood after all, I wouldnt expect it to sell or be used for anything other than cheap firewood. I certainly wouldn't want my yacht built out of it.

  9. I hate logging because of the physics but now that the physics seem better I think I’ll enjoy logging so I’ll have to get back into it

  10. Farmer Ed is going to have to do the AD routes, especially I do contracts first until I have money to buy some land, If you only start with the old volvo forwarder Ad Going to be needed. Great video FSG, explanations spot on. Love the new contracts. See you later on your livestream.

  11. The water reflections look absolutely wicked proper clear instead off it been smudgy good vid bro keep up the hard work

  12. Nov. 11, 2022 Mr. FSG, I love your reviews. Great idea about looking up at the top of the deadwood trees! Your choice of music is also spot on!!! Can't wait for the next review video! Take care and Thank you sir

  13. Some moder is likely going to make a pickaxe for this job . tbh I'd love to see it same as a axe to knock down trees and break them down to smaller lengths.

  14. one thing i’m annoyed about with this DLC is that Volvo make hydraulic breakers for the EC250DL and EC380DL, but they decided to only include one for a skid steer

  15. For rock removal, some rocks should have more than one breaking point. 5 points max for bigger rocks. I think this will bring some realism and variety to the activity in-game.

  16. This is some really cool stuff! I'm definitely curious to put general logging through it's paces to see if the tree physics improve overall, or if it's only these "deadwood" trees that handled better.

  17. So are these contracts, new trees ans new visuals only going to pertain to this new map? Also when all the trees and rocks are gone, do they respawn or is that it?

  18. Thanks for another high quality, understandable and interesting demo video. I bought the 1st year passport so I believe, this should just appear in my add-ons screen.

  19. Great video FSG very interesting and great content as well keep up with the great videos 👏👏👍👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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