FIRST LOOK LIZARD "FORD" F350 | Farming Simulator 22


EARLY LOOK LIZARD “FORD” F350 | Farming Simulator 22
Early Preview – February 25 2023

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  1. Decent truck but it doesn’t stop to save its life and then you can’t turn with a trailer hooked up which pulling is what id prefer to use it for but you can’t turn the sucker with a trailer they need to fix the collision settings

  2. Man at this rate this thing is never hitting console waiting Long AF they need this to be at the top of the testing list I don't care about anything else on the list make this happened farming sim gahhh bless

  3. When will they do the f150 tremor 3.5 l twin turbo ecoboost 400 horsepower 500 ft lbs of torque with the supercrew cab and the f250 and f350 supercrew cab tremor Godzilla with 1,200 lbs of torque and 500 horsepower power stroke for all platforms

  4. I see its called the Lizard F350, but the grille has Raptor on it. I wonder if were getting that to console. Anyways I'm hyped for this car.

  5. I was lookin around for any first looks on this mod. My only real issue with it is the dually. The back tires seem to stick out a little too much. Lol

  6. Why do I see a Saskatchewan license plate on the truck? I'm from sask. And we don't have front plates. Some older vehicles do but it's not a mandatory thing


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