FS CONSOLE NEWS!! TLX 9000, Amazing Workshop, Plus Testing List | Farming Simulator 19


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0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Testing List
1:56 – FS News
3:50 – New Mods Intro
5:00 – Silo Distributor Fork
5:45 – Lizard T-150K
9:24 – TLX 9000 Semi
15:28 – New Holland T5 Utility Series
18:03 – Sp Dump Trailers
18:59 – Famed A Plows
19:20 – Lajta Plough
19:35 – Lizard FS60/2
20:10 – Shed 15×19
22:04 – Petro Farm Sale Station
22:42 – Old Wooden Shed
23:26 – Medium Pull Through Workshop
24:45 – Hay Shed For The Farm
25:09 – Street Light Pack
25:39 – Lighted Candy Cane Pack
26:59 – Mod Updates
30:12 – Outro


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  1. The only issue i have with the precision farming mod is the time it takes to survey an entire field, it would be helpful to be able to hire a worker for it.

  2. I'm sorry about it the other day I tried the mod more and I'm starting to like it I'm truly sorry if I did anything wrong

  3. If you wanna see why those t150 tractors make those sounds write in YouTube
    Dt 54
    Mtz 50
    T40am which we have
    Engine start
    Russian tractor start

    Plus because those engine makes those sound because it haves (zapusk) which starts whit rope like mover you have fill a little gas to can and then tow rope very fast and very strenght because it can start turn back and accidentaly cut your fingers zapusk is good for winter because doesnt start Hard 😀

  4. Hey! If you want to drop your opinions regarding the 2 matters, reply here! I'll happily take and note everything here! 🙂

  5. It'll take a another few days of playing around with the precision farming before I'll talk to Derp about it

  6. Don't panic the 150-k has a 2 stoke pre starter motor that turns over the v6 diesel engine. The proper name is the Charkow T-150K , it's a russian tractor but made in the Ukraine. Nearly all the early tractors the Niva combine and some crawlers was built this way. It's nice to see a bit of FS11 in 19.

  7. AMBASSADOR NETWORK I have a request can you please add John Deere 7720 turbo 1980 harvester to farming simulator 19 for all consoles and can you add more older harvesters and tractors and add the same map as the one on the title of the game when you you also see it on the front of the case in the back of the case as well and please make sure that every engine sounds and its own unique way


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