Griffin, IN – Made In America Series – Episode 1 – Farming Simulator 19


My Made In America Series on Griffin, IN. Enjoy!
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  1. There's something so incredibly wholesome about cops or just in general people who work for agencies to sit down and stream something they thoroughly enjoy doing, helps paint the perspective that cops are people too and that we should treat them with the same respect we would anyone else in our lives.

  2. Hey man, just got the game myself, and have been watching your videos which have been helpful. Have you ever played GTA RP, or watch others videos? I watch Polecat324 GTA RP patrol duty videos, and i love it.

  3. so you start out with nothing but immediately get a loan for thousands. just doesn't seem like starting from scratch.

  4. Love your vids, your doing a good job, only i get annoyed by your "oh my gosh" you say it to much, sometimes it doesnt need one and it can come over as sarcastic.. srry for my englisch i'm from belgium, keep up the good work!

  5. Just to clear things up eastern time is 3 hours ahead I know because I always have to convert eastern to pacific because I have lots of friends in pacific time

  6. Farmer cop: confused that we want him to suffer
    Literally all the subs: that what are here for, to make you suffer

    I have way more alcohol knowledge than a 13 year old should know but it doesn't help that I help my dad make some wine and I've had more than a couple sips of beer and wine 😜

  7. I looked up what the chief exports are in Griffin IN… it seems to be Soybeans, corn, and Pork. These should be your go to crops IMO, it’s what I’m focusing on in my play through on this map. I’m loving this map so far!!

  8. Missed the online but caught up on most of it yesterday. Love the new map and series have already started my own game on it. I am not really a roleplay gamer but I do like a feel of realism when I play. As a New Farmer I loaded the Used Equipment mod. Wondered why you didn't do that and instead loaded a ton of other tractors and trucks that sell for much less than the store standards? I had already started my own "Survival" game on No Mans Land and am enjoying it a lot. I kept three old items Fendt, Pickup and starter Cart. I sold of all the ready logs grains and most of the equipment. I replaced the starter house with the log cabin upgrade(bed in the map one made me cringe. Also kept the repair shed and wood chipper since no money meant I was a default lumberjack. Thanks for all your videos they have helped me learn and enjoy the game much more. I also kept a no mod game save so i can go back and see what it feels like with out mods.

  9. How do you do multiple missions with course play,in the past I used course play and wouldn't allow multiple missions

  10. @farmer cop are you going to add seasons? I really enjoyed your maintenance system when over 20, 40, 60, etc


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